The call for the Comipems 2021 entrance exam for upper secondary level has already come out

Learn about the dates, requirements and how to register to take the Comipems high school placement exam this year.

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January 17, 2021 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This Sunday, January 17, the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (Comipems) made public the call for the examination of the 2021 Contest of Assignment to Higher Secondary Education in Mexico City .

In the document, the agency details that students who go from secondary to high school must first complete the pre-registration process . This will be available on the Comipems website from January 18 to February 19 of this year. Candidates must cover a payment of 385 Mexican pesos to continue with the process.

Subsequently, from March 2 to 16 , applicants must go to a Registration Center in alphabetical order to formalize the process. The exam will take place in person on June 19, 20, 26, and 27. As every year, young people will have to answer 128 multiple-choice questions in a period of 3 hours. The results will be announced on July 30.

In 2020 , the admission test to upper secondary education was taken while Mexico City was in an orange traffic light. This year, the process could be modified, due to the health emergency in the Mexican capital, which for now is on a red light.

Comipems examination for 2021 provides for the participation of 310, 769 candidates, ie 8,060 more than the previous year.

“Based on these same projections, we can expect that 1 0.869 (3.5%) will not take the exam and 5,116 (1.7%) will not obtain their high school certificate , which leaves us with a number of 294,764 assignable, that is, 8,493 more than the previous year, “ said the agency.

In 2020, 28.4% of applicants (72,456 young people), entered their first option, while 70.9% stayed in one of their first five options. In 2021, the nine institutions that make up COMIPEMS offer 725 options in 484 schools.

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