The Five Most Common Dreams And What They Mean

Even though you are not able to recall them all once you wake from a deep slumber, each of us has around five dream episodes per night lasting around 30 minutes each. All of these dreams reflect something about your behaviour, meaning that we can read a lot into our subconscious by studying them. Let’s take a look at the five most common dreams and what they mean. Chances are, you’ve had at least one of these before!

My teeth are falling out in my dreams!

Have you ever dreamt that your teeth have fallen out one by one? Perhaps they all fall out into your hands? Believe it or not, this is one of the most common dreams out there. Dream experts say that these kinds of dreams reflect a sense of insecurity and anxiety surrounding your appearance, even if it doesn’t correlate directly to your teeth/smile. These are said to come from embarrassment, feeling unattractive, or fearing some kind of rejection.

Why am I being chased?!

Perhaps the most infamous dream of all time. You are being chased! Sometimes by a stranger, sometimes by someone you know, sometimes even by yourself! Being chased in a dream actually hints that you are running away from something in real life. It also suggests that you have a track record of ignoring your issues rather than facing them head-on. Uniquely, this dream can also be reoccurring in many instances, often until the thing you are running away from is solved.

I need a wee and I can’t find a toilet!

Let’s face it, this is everyone’s nightmare in real life. However, it often doesn’t mean that your sleeping self needs the toilet. In fact, dream experts claim that these dreams hint that you are struggling to express yourself in real life. This may stem from putting others before your own needs on a consistent basis. In short, your body is crying out for you to sort your stuff out!

I’m naked and I don’t know why!

Another one of the most common dreams in the world is being naked in a public place. This comes on two fronts. If you are the naked person, it suggests that you are struggling to find/express yourself, or perhaps that someone is falsely accusing you of something. If you are witnessing the naked person, you may be feeling worried about someone in your real life.

I’m falling!

Everyone has had that feeling that they’re falling in a dream, at which point you often wake up suddenly. This actually suggests that you are struggling with senses of fear and anxiety in real life, perhaps due to the fact that you have failed at something recently. However, if you are falling through the air but it feels pleasant and you do not feel in danger, it can hint that you are ready to embrace the beauty of change.

There we have it! The five most common dreams in the world and finally you know exactly what they mean. Hopefully, now you can sleep a little easier.  

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