The Life Changing Practice of Surrender

Hi my sweet friends!

This week I want to share some thoughts I have with you about the practice of surrender. As much as we may wish otherwise, life is completely unpredictable and uncontrollable, and I know this year has proven this to be completely true. As the days and weeks and months continue to pass, and as we continue to live in incredible uncertainty, it’s important to remember that even though this year feels extraordinarily out of control, there might be a ounce of comfort in knowing that there was never any control anyway.

Which brings me to the concept of surrender. In my life personally, this year has brought up a handful of challenging situations that made me want to control every single aspect, hoping to influence the outcome. It made me anxious with worry, and my mind continued to spin contemplating what actions I could take to get what I wanted. As we all know, plotting and spinning and manipulating a situation rarely brings us what we desire, and subsequently makes us feel even worse in the process. Every single time I tried my hardest to control a circumstance, I was presented with a roadblock, a dead end, a state of non-resolution.

All of these moments for me personally, reminded me of the importance, and the grace that comes from active, conscious surrender. The practice of surrender means releasing the need to control, taking whatever aligned actions are called for in the moment, and allowing situations to unfold in the timing and in the manner needed. I call it a practice, because in order to do this, with grace, it requires such. It’s not easy for us to let go of the reigns, to trust, to allow, and to breathe through the uncomfortable moments of uncertainty. But when we do, when we allow and trust and hold onto a steady stream of faith, we create the space for the most miracles and unfathomable outcomes. In doing so, we give our hearts and our minds a much needed break, and we allow the energy of the external forces that be, to do the work for us.

When I finally released the need to control the situations in my life, the situations began to unfold in the very best way. Outcomes that I couldn’t have even imagined were presented to me, and I didn’t have to manipulate or force to achieve it. And sometimes, life just takes time and space to unfold fully, and who are we to rush the timing of life?

I hope this serves as a gentle reminder that you don’t have to do it all, figure it all out, and make things happen, life will meet you half way. Release your tight grip of control and open your mind and heart to the possibilities and outcomes that can arise when we create the necessary space for it.

So I ask you, where in your life can you start to practice surrender?



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