The United States approves the first application of a digital contraceptive

This application was developed by a German company and its launch is expected to take place this year in the American country.

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March 8, 2021 2 min read

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A digital contraceptive? The United States Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) authorized the first fully digital application to monitor fertility, called Clue Birth Control .

This application was developed by a German company and its launch is expected to take place this year in the United States (USA), according to information from TechCrunch . After its premiere in the USA, the next market in which it will be presented will be Europe, although for this they must also have the approval of the regulatory body.

How will this ‘digital contraceptive’ work?

This would not be the first platform that makes an ovulation forecast to control fertility, however, unlike other brands, it is the only company that is being billed “totally digital”.

Users will not have to record some of the body changes that other platforms call for, such as taking their temperature daily and checking their cervical fluid.

The application will only require women to record, on a regular basis, the start date of their period, and by calculating data through Bayesian statistics, the application will show the days of high and low probability of conception.


According to the company’s spokespersons, the app is 92% effective when users make mistakes or do not use it frequently and 97% effective when it is used correctly or “perfectly”.

They also clarify that the platform is suitable only for women between 18 and 45 years old with regular periods. Likewise, they recommend using this product within a stable relationship or with couples who are regularly tested for sexual diseases.

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