These are the 5 books that Bill Gates recommends you read this summer

The millionaire makes his literary recommendations every year. This time the list includes the memoirs of Barack Obama.

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15, 2021

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Like every year, Bill Gates published the list of books that he recommends reading every summer.

On his Gates Notes blog , the millionaire noted that this year’s theme was the relationship between nature and humanity.

“Lately, however, I find myself looking for books on the complicated relationship between humanity and nature. Maybe it’s because everyone’s life has been altered by a virus. Or maybe it’s because I’ve spent a lot of time this year talking about what we must do to avoid a climate disaster, ” Gates said.

Looking for something to read this summer? These recommendations from the Microsoft co-founder can help you choose the next title from your personal library.

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“How could such a large and successful company fail? I’ve been thinking about that question for several years, and Lights Out finally gave me many of the answers I was looking for,” says Gates. The authors take a look at the mistakes and missteps made by the company’s leadership.

  • Why Read It: If you are in some kind of leadership role, whether in a company, a nonprofit organization, or elsewhere, this book has a lot to teach you.

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According to Gates, “Kolbert’s latest is the simplest ‘humanity versus nature’ test on this list. She describes it as ‘a book about people trying to solve problems caused by people trying to solve problems.’

  • Why Read It: This book talks about how people intervene in nature, including the genetic drive and geoengineering.

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“President Obama is unusually honest about his White House experience, including how isolating it is to be the person who ultimately makes the decisions,” says the Microsoft co-founder.

  • Why Read It: It’s a riveting and brutally honest look into the mind of a man who was the leader of the free world.

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According to Bill Gates, “This is one of the most unusual novels I have read in years. The Overstory follows the lives of nine people and examines their connection to trees. Some of the characters come together throughout the book, while that others remain alone. “

  • Why read it: It is a very interesting story about the connection that humans have with trees and nature as individuals.

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“Richtel wrote his book before the pandemic, but this exploration of the human immune system is nonetheless valuable read that will help you understand what it takes to stop COVID-19,” Gates says on his blog.

  • Why Read It: Makes a complex topic accessible by focusing on the story of four patients.
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