This family ‘adopted’ a 108-year-old grandfather who slept under a tree

Don Felipe slept under the shadows of an urban forest in Coahuila.

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17, 2021

2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

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By Rodrigo Osegueda

Don Felipe, who is 108 years old , lived in the urban forest of Torreón, Coahuila. However, his story changed when he met Benita Dearz, who upon seeing him wanted to help him financially with the last of his fortnight. However, according to Dearz on social networks, he felt great empathy for the grandfather and decided to invite him to his house to have dinner and spend a night in shelter.

Image: Via México Desconcido

Don Felipe was dedicated to the sale of plastic bottles to survive. As he pointed out to his hosts, he lived in the Venustian Forest of Torreón, where he slept under the trees . He also told Benita that he had been married three times and had eleven children, however, he had been abandoned by his family and left homeless.

After dinner, Benita offered Don Felipe to bathe and change his clothes for something more comfortable and clean. After that, he spoke with the grandfather to offer to make his stay permanent as a member of his family.

“This is how Don Felipe was: bathing, new change and dinner, the best a dinner with family. Thank you for your good wishes and thank you very much for the messages received. This beautiful gesture towards him is in honor of my grandparents Blas and Angelita who are in heaven ”.

Wrote the hostess on Facebook

According to Benita, the work was done in honor of her grandparents, who have already passed away. He also appreciated the messages of support that people have commented on Facebook. As a result of the publication’s viralization, Don Felipe has received donations and pantries have been sent to him to help him , even from other countries.

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