This is the secret to find the balance between personal and work life

March 2, 2021 4 min read

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To begin, let me tell you that these two aspects cannot be separated, with so many communication apps that we have installed on our phone ( Slack , email, Facebook , WhatsApp , Meet, etc.) it is difficult to completely disconnect, notifications They arrive at any time and it is almost irresistible for us to read and even answer them.

However, it is important to remember that work is part of your life, it is not your life! , and that it is made up of other personal aspects that give a more human sense to your performance, which also allows you to feel happier and more fulfilled.

Here are five keys to balance your personal and work life without generating frustration:

1. make your own definition of success

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Is not having time and having stress all day successful for you?

Forget other people’s definitions of success. Reinvent yourself, analyze and establish new metrics to evaluate your success. You could start by measuring it by how much time you spend with your family, how many valuable talks you have with your friends, or how much time you invest in self-care. Instead of how many hours you spend at your desk or how much money you have in your bank account.

2. Make a list of how you want to feel during the day

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For example, you can write I want to feel unhurried, energetic, happy, have quality conversations, etc. Dare to allocate time to activities that generate fulfillment and happiness.
Remember that happiness will not fall from the sky, you must cultivate it by doing something that makes you happy every day. For example, you can spend 15 minutes of your day calling a loved one to get the conversation going, wake up 15 minutes early so you don’t feel rushed in the morning, or give yourself 10 minutes to listen to an audiobook.

3. Create non-negotiable and respect them

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The non-negotiable are those activities in your life that are essential for your well-being and energy to perform throughout the day: healthy breakfast, your exercise routine, meditation time, eating as a family, etc … Don’t let other events get the better of you. If they suggest a meeting that interferes with any of these activities, propose a different time, but do not cancel what is important to stay 100.

4. Dare to say NO

Image: Jen Theodore via Unsplash

In order for you to have time to say “yes” to what you really want according to your definition of success, you need to drop a few things. At first you may feel uneasy about what they will say, however, when you see that your productivity and fulfillment increase, you will begin to value your time more.

5. Link work routines with personal habits

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If you have many meetings during the day, see what activity in your personal life you can do before each call, be it playing 15 minutes with your children, walking your pet, meditating or even drinking a glass of water. But make that work routine a reminder to take care of yourself.

To have a balance between your personal life and work life, it is the quality and not the amount of time that you dedicate to each activity that makes the difference. It may be that you spend eight hours at work and dedicate three to your wellness routine, but these are the hours that will recharge the battery, fill you with energy and give you the notion of a better balance between your personal and work life.

Keep in mind that your well-being is your secret weapon and competitive advantage, so that you give the best of yourself with more energy. If you want to hear more about how to put these tips into practice, I invite you to listen to this audio , where I tell you more about how to balance your personal and work life to feel fulfillment and personal fulfillment.

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