Under the customers first philosophy, this leading Chilean omnichannel startup expands throughout Mexico

MovigoO has quickly become a regional benchmark in terms of omnichannel solutions, customer experience, digital channels, Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation. With a presence in Chile, Peru and Colombia, the company is focused on strengthening its operations in Mexico.

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23, 2021

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Omnichannel is a word that has become quite recurrent in the world of customer service. It is that in times of pandemic where online sales and services have grown exponentially, users are increasingly demanding and seek that the sites where they buy provide them, at least, approved responses regardless of the channel through which they are contacted and, therefore of course, answer to the first call attempt.

For this reason, having good and varied communication channels has been the key that many companies have used to retain their consumers. There are many options that the market offers today to improve communication with the user, however, the Chilean MovigoO has positioned itself as a Latin American leader in this type of solution.

MovigoO works under the philosophy of customers first, that is, it puts its customers as a priority when it comes to supporting them in their development, offering fast, efficient solutions and metrics that help make decisions to constantly improve the customer service area. “We are with our clients throughout the life cycle of a project, from the beginning with consultancies, to the implementation, development and continuous support of these, which allows us to identify any opportunity for improvement. Our solutions and services change day by day, as do the needs of our clients, so the accompaniment to them never ends ”, says Luis Flores, CEO of the agency.


The Chilean is emerging as a technological agency whose main objective is to optimize the contactability of all types of companies with their clients or end users. “We generate service models and propose various contact structures according to the specific needs of each company. We are dedicated to redefining problems, identifying opportunities and evolving when the landscape requires it, “adds Flores.

One of the most important problems of contact centers, especially in times of high demand such as last year, is that they do not have the appropriate and more efficient technology to develop an effective strategy. Many are also unaware that there are tools that allow having everything in one place for affordable prices, in fact today the market has robust solutions that have democratized prices to facilitate the implementation of this type of project. Therefore, this technological agency offers a set of solutions that are integrated with each other to give the best and fastest response to customers.

MovigoO has expanded rapidly throughout the region. Today it has a presence in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, a country where it plans to consolidate its operations. “We believe that Mexico has a lot of potential, as it has developed an online sales system that has grown strongly. Not only is it a country where a lot of merchandise is moved, but it is also a place where companies are open to innovate to improve the experience of their consumers ”, added the CEO of MovigoO.

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