Unicorn Hunters S1 EP1: FarUv

Meet the company on a mission to rid the world of future pandemics.

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21, 2021

1 min read

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FarUv designs, develops, tests, and demonstrates innovative solutions to prevent the  spread by pathogens on surfaces or through the air.  Its technology is used by NASA to prevent foodborne illness in space flight, and has received awards from the US Army for medical applications and the US Air Force. 

FarUV Technologies believes that every Krypton UV light installed is a potential life saved and invites investors to join their mission to make the world a safer place from infectious diseases. It is seeking capital to scale and expand its network to address the demand of global markets. To learn more about FarUV, watch the series premiere of Unicorn Hunters streaming now.

Watch Unicorn Hunters on demand and if you are intestered in investing, click here.

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