What is a ‘rage room’ and how can you make money with one

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If you have ever felt overwhelmed by daily stress , anger or frustration, it is time to turn to the anger rooms , a new proposal in the world of entertainment that some entrepreneurs are exploring in Mexico. This after knowing their stir in Europe, Asia and the United States.

That is the case of Érika García and Siari Turner , two entrepreneurs who after years of teaching various therapies in the field of human development opened Breake It . It is a room of anger where users live a comprehensive experience of entertainment and release of emotions from the destruction of objects in a controlled and safe way.

“From our knowledge in Gestalt therapy and meditation we made some modifications to the original concept, which left people with adrenaline pumping. This is how we designed Breake It , a space where the destruction of objects culminates in a relaxation experience that helps lower adrenaline and close the session ”, explains Siari Turner, founding partner of this new space in Mexico City.

To date there are less than 10 anger rooms in the country, but due to the stress that we live in the great metropolises and the need for recreation, expression and relaxation, the figure could soon grow.

And who is not attracted to the idea of unloading the stress of a chaotic afternoon at work by throwing bottles or smashing a television, a computer or a microwave oven?

Many young men and women do, so we invite you to explore this business opportunity in which personalized treatment and good service are two key elements.

Customer Segments

The anger rooms are aimed at people over 18, but according to Siari Turner, from Breake It, people between 24 and 40 are the most assiduous. Most go to live the experience and have fun, but there are also those who go to relieve stress or work on an emotion such as anger, anger or frustration.

The experience is not recommended for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic back pain, mental disorders or epilepsy, people who have undergone recent surgeries ; not for pregnant women or for those who use drugs or take anxiolytics, adds the entrepreneur.

The cost of the experience ranges between 250 and 1,200 pesos, depending on the establishment, and little by little it is inserted into a Mexican entertainment industry that, according to Ventura Enterteinment generates an annual income of 530 million dollars and provides employment for 3.5 million of people.

Value proposal

An anger room is more than just an entertainment option: it is an attraction that for some is just fun. However, for others it can mean an outlet for everyday stress and some harmful emotions.

Their background dates back to a decade ago in Japan, where they emerged as a way out of high levels of work-related stress. Little by little, the experience evolved and migrated to Asia and Europe until it became what it is today: a room where almost anything goes: from throwing glass bottles against the wall, hitting a punching bag or destroying all kinds of objects. with mallets and bats.

With these actions, the user not only has fun, interacts and directs the intensity of their own activity, but can also express themselves in an environment specially designed to guarantee their safety, monitored in real time and with support personnel to contain any situation.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that although stress-releasing qualities are attributed to the experience, it is still entertainment, so it does not replace psychological therapy.

Distribution channels

The service offered by the anger rooms is delivered on site, prior reservation through the website, a fan page or a telephone line.

The pages of these establishments usually have details of the service, packages, prices and general recommendations. They also have a frequently asked questions section, a reservation calendar and some have a shopping cart.

Most do not ask for an advance, but referring to the practice of other service providers in the entertainment world, it does not hurt to request an advance of 20% or 30% on the value of the experience to reduce last minute cancellations and consequent loss for the entrepreneur.

Do you want to innovate and serve other markets? So it looks for other distribution channels, just like The Anger Room Monterrey did , which is committed to taking its mobile rage room to music festivals, mass events, brand activations or corporate parties.

“We realized that music festivals are a good opportunity, so we thought about doing a mobile version of what we had already been doing in Anger Room. We designed some tents with a special structure and a protective mesh to prevent objects from flying. They have everything necessary for the safety of users. There are two measures: 3×3 and 5×5 meters ”, explains Eder Martínez, co-founder of this Monterrey space.

As you can see, there are several options to deliver the service. Analyze the advantages of each one and do not lose sight of the possibility of taking it to more people.

Customer relations

If you want your anger room to be positioned among consumers as a real alternative for entertainment, it is important that you take maximum care of your relationship with them.

At the digital level, it begins with having an updated web page with the necessary information to inform and ‘win over’ prospects; includes photos, videos and a section with recommendations or testimonials from users (make sure you have their consent in writing to use their image). Do something similar with social media.

At The Smash Club, for example, they follow this route because for its creators -Luis Alayola and Daniel Becerra- it is essential to ‘evangelize’ the consumer.

“We did a market study and we realized that it was a concept that attracted attention, but that people did not know; That is why we focus on digital communication, answering questions. Nowadays, people are beginning to get to know us and they arrive because they saw us on social media or by recommendation ”, explains Luis Alayola, co-founder of that room of anger located in Monterrey.

Along with efforts at the digital level, in the real world make sure you have staff who are passionate about service, who are able to answer customer questions and who master all customer service processes. Your business will appreciate it!

Sources of income

In this line of business, the main income comes from the sale of experiences to end customers, although there is also the possibility that companies, universities, music festivals and brands join the portfolio.

The price of the service ranges from 299 to 1,200 pesos or more, depending on the objects to break.

In The Smash Club the Terminator II combo lasts 30 minutes and has a cost of 599 pesos. The room can accommodate up to two people and includes 10 items to break and a large electronic device; while in Break It the basic package costs 499 pesos with 15 bottles, a box bag and a relaxation session. The most robust package amounts to 1,199 with 20 bottles, a television, boxing bag and a relaxation session for up to two people. The experience lasts a total of 90 minutes (45 minutes in the anger room and equal time in the relaxation room).

You can boost this income with the sale of photographs and video. For example, you can set up a cyclorama and take some shots of the clients before the start of the experience and / or offer the video of the complete experience. You can upload both materials to a cloud.

Key resources

To set up a ‘wrath room’ a commercial space of between 60 to 80 square meters is required, in which there must be a reception / registration area, a living room, a bathroom, a small cellar to store the objects to destroy and, of course, a ‘room of anger’ (30 square meters on average).

You can optionally set up a room for attendees to rehydrate and relax and / or a space for a relaxation session (as the Break It entrepreneurs do).

The equipment depends on the area. The reception, for example, needs a desk, two chairs, two computers, and a printer. The ‘wrath room’, on the other hand, requires noise-insulating material for walls, a non-slip floor, a boxing bag, three mallets, three bats and three hammers of different sizes, various furniture to destroy (televisions, glass bottles , printers, telephones, etc.), a sound system and a video surveillance system for real-time monitoring, as well as several sets of coveralls, gloves and protective masks.

The staff in charge consists of a general coordinator, a staff person, an accountant (it can be outsourced) and a body psychotherapist if you choose to offer a relaxation experience similar to what Break It does.

What about the inputs? They are obtained via recycling centers, donations or exchange with third parties. Mainly glass bottles, crockery and some electronic devices, such as computer monitors, televisions, printers, etc. are dealt with.

In a quarter of anger the prices of the service go from 299 to 1,200 pesos or more, depending on the objects to break / Image: Break It.

Key activities

The operation of an anger room requires several processes to ensure the safety of users and offer them a pleasant experience.

In Break It, for example, the adventure begins with the signing of a document that disclaims responsibility to the company in case a participant suffers a mishap associated with the experience. Once this issue has been resolved, each participant must wear an industrial overall, a protective mask, a helmet and a pair of gloves. The footwear must be closed with a thick sole.

Once equipped, the staff leads the users to the wrath room, where the objects to be destroyed are previously mounted. There they are explained the rules and how to use mallets, bats and hammers. They are also told that at all times they will be monitored through a camera system and how to stop the experience.

Outside, the Breake It staff plays the music chosen by the client and monitors the session, which can be entered alone or in pairs. When finished, the participant hands over the equipment and is taken to an adjoining room –equipped with a massage table and a hammock– to enjoy a relaxation experience based on body movements and aromatherapy that help reduce tension.

It should be noted that between each session the staff removes the debris and verifies that there are no fragments that could injure future participants. Later they are classified for their later deposit in the garbage or in recycling centers. It is expected that in the future they can be reused by artists or by other industries.

Key alliances

As in any business, in a room of anger there are alliances that can accelerate its development, such as agreements with brands related to experience. For example, mallet, hammer and energy drink firms.

Another option is to approach universities / corporations and offer discounts / special experiences for students / employees; Or if your room of anger is mobile, look for alliances similar to those that The Anger Room Monterrey makes with music festivals.

There are many options! Analyze the environment and work on a project considering that to seek an alliance you must have previous results, an objective and something to offer.

Cost structure

In the cost structure of a quarter of anger the rent of the premises, adaptation and equipment are the most important expenses.

The rent, for example, can range from 14,000 to 20,000 pesos. The adaptation may require between 30,000 and 50,000 pesos and the equipment is around 100,000 pesos.

To this must be added the equipment in the reception / waiting room, as well as the relaxation room, which can add up to around 70,000 pesos.

Obviously, you have to have working capital to pay the salaries of a general manager (it can be the entrepreneur), a staff person, an accountant (it can be in outsourcing) and a therapist if your business model contemplates it.

Finally, you should know that the profit margin ranges between 40% and 50%, depending on the administration.

Are you interested in the turn? Dare to take the step! Research what is offered in other countries, develop your own concept and translate it into a business plan. We wish you success.

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