10 Daily Affirmations That Help You Prioritize Self-Care

6. I only spend time with people who bring me joy.

Don’t waste time with people that don’t bring joy to your life. If someone makes you feel negative emotions, cut them out or limit your time spent with them. Likewise, you shouldn’t choose to spend time with people that make you feel unworthy or unhappy.

You can use this affirmation anytime you receive an invitation from a toxic person in your life. While it is hard to say no, this affirmation can help you prioritize self-care by keeping your distance. Once you stop spending time with negative people, you will experience joy and confidence again.

7. I am prioritizing myself.

If you are tempted to sacrifice your self-care for anything else, this affirmation is for you. Stop giving all of your time and energy to others when you need it, too. Don’t neglect your needs or put your goals and dreams on hold for anyone else.

Your personal goals are just as important as everyone else’s, and loving yourself is essential to living a fulfilling life. So put yourself first by using this affirmation whenever you feel pressured to sacrifice your mental health.

8. I take a few minutes to relax each day.

Prioritizing self-care sometimes involves convincing yourself to relax each day. When you’re running from one thing to do the next all day and don’t take time to recuperate, you will experience burnout. On the other hand, if you choose to relax for a little bit before bed, it will even help you sleep better.

Taking this time for yourself each day isn’t selfish. Instead, it is allowing yourself a chance to reset and take a break. Without time to relax, you will sacrifice your body, mind, and relationships.

9. I am improving my mental and physical health.

Taking care of yourself means that you are always improving yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty or selfish for taking time for self-care, either, because your mental and physical health is essential to your relationships.

All of it ties in together, so when one area of your life suffers, it seems that the rest will, too. Therefore, you must do what it takes to find happiness to be better all around. Improving your mental and physical health will also make you a more enjoyable person to spend time with.

When you are a joy to be around, it further benefits those around you. So, there truly is no need to feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

10. I do simple activities that make me happy.

Include simple but fun activities in your schedule each day to bring a little happiness to your life. For example, you can choose to cook your favorite meal, take a nap, enjoy a bubble bath, or anything else. The only requirement is that you choose something that brings you happy feelings.

If spending time in the sun makes you happy, it’s a beneficial activity to choose. Sunlight will boost your vitamin D levels, making you happy while giving your body and mind what it needs. Use this daily affirmation to remind yourself to look for the small moments of joy you might otherwise pass on.


You might struggle to prioritize self-care each day, but these daily affirmations will help. Repeating them each morning will help you prioritize yourself more often throughout the day. Plus, they will encourage you to do what is best for yourself while setting up a self-care routine.

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, and it even benefits the people in your life. As you become happier and your mindset improves, you will notice how great it is for everyone involved. So set your routine right away, but don’t forget to adapt it when necessary.

Follow your self-care routine every day, making it a priority over other things. Don’t overbook yourself with unenjoyable things which will cause burnout and unhappiness. Instead, use these daily affirmations to help you prioritize yourself and your well-being.

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