10 Underrated Spring Veggies to Try This Year

This spring, sidestep your usual spinach salads and try something new. Switching up the vegetables you eat not only provides you with a greater variety of nutrients, but also lets you experiment with new taste profiles. Plus, eating seasonal produce is more eco-friendly, fresher, and cheaper.

Although Gen Z is known to have a high level of interest in plant-based eating, research shows that they are also less likely to eat and cook with fresh veggies compared to other generations. It can be intimidating to experiment with a new-to-you ingredient. My advice is to first choose one veggie you’d like to try and then build a meal around it or look for recipes that include it.

You may not initially reach for these underrated spring veggies, but, once you do, you’ll realize how delicious and easy it is to add them into your everyday meals.


There are two varieties of fennel—the seeds that are generally used to make spices and the bulb, which is often eaten as a vegetable. Commonly consumed after dinner in many South Asian countries, fennel seeds aid with digestion and relieve stomach bloating and gas. Looking to make a healthy, crunchy, and fresh-tasting salad? Try this Fennel, Apple, and Radicchio Slaw or Grapefruit and Fennel Salad with Chicken and Avocado.

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