Iron Woman

EmilyBreeze Watson is still lifting 205lbs just days before her due date of Delivery

Emily Breeze Watson is an American Athlete and lived with her husband Martell Watson. She is famous as an Iron woman who havelifted 205lb weight during her last pregnancy month. At this moment, she can have delivered anytime but the inspiring brave lady continued her routine gym in her whole pregnancy period. She used to do a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and intensive cardio six days a week without any fear. She has the full support of her husband.

Although, Emily faced heavy criticism from the haters she is encouraging other keen mothers to stay active during pregnancy and carry out their normal routine. When she was asked about the criticizers she said:

Emily said: “I never considered giving it up. My body has felt great. It gives me so much energy so why would I ever think of stopping? 

Emily has got the support of the medical professionals who always guide her to understand and listen to the needs of her body as pregnancy is not an illness, it is a natural process from which every woman passes.

Martell said: I am proud of her that she can do hard work out in this critical situation. I support her but also keep eye on her so that I can manage if things go wrong.

I’m cautious because I love her and I love the little guy in there and just want to make sure that everything is ok.

What an inspiration she’s been to not only myself but to hundreds and thousands of women across the country.

Emily listens to her body and takes everything as a challenge. If she is unable to do this then this thing will drive her crazy. Emily enjoyed the sayings of her haters and criticizers.  She found it motivating because she had no idea that it would flash any kind of thrill like that. On the Facebook page, she used to upload pictures of her daily work out. 

Ladies like Emily should be appreciated because they are playing a vital role in encouraging the expected mothers to stay active during pregnancy.

She hopes to change the outlook of pregnant women. She is a shining star and a source of inspiration for other women.

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