The Limitless Potential of Positive Thinking 

Positive thinking entails an optimistic state of mind that chooses to see the good in life among all the bad. Positive thinking means facing challenges with a positive outlook. This doesn’t mean you ignore or avoid the unpleasant and bad situations. Instead, it means turning them into opportunities and choosing to see the best in even the worst of situations. It involves seeing the good in people even though the bad is still there. A significant part of positive thinking is seeing yourself and your abilities, skills, and looks in a positive light.

This mindset is often closer than most people picture it. Attainable though, the ripple effect of having a positive mind usually means a happier, jollier and achieving a synergistic balance in your life. A negative mind when faced with challenges and significant hurdles, will choose to crawl back into its cave and sulk. A positive mind however, even half beaten, will still stand up and make a fist. Positive thinking creates positive thought, speech, action and eventually a positive attitude.

Glass half-full 

A positive person usually looks forward to happiness, spiritual growth, good health both physically and mentally, professional growth and for most people, financial success. Even though their dreams might sometimes be a little far off from their current state, the emotional attitude and mental state of a positive thinker remains unbowed. 

There are endless success stories of people glorifying their choice to be positive thinkers and how that choice got them through the worst of times. Well…positive thinking works. So many have tried it and the results are more than overwhelmingly inspiring.

Positive thinking will have you doing more than displaying a bubbly attitude. It helps to improve personal relationships, align professional goals, encouraging you to pick up a healthier more active and rewarding lifestyle, cultivating and nourishing your spiritual wellbeing.

Adopting a positive mindset helps you to cope much easier with whatever life throws your way (…lemons and lemonades). It also influences and urges you to experiment on new things, try out adventures previously daunting or even accept things as they are and follow your goals and aspirations.

But positive thinking isn’t some magic spell you chant and something happens and you’re magically a positive thinker, you have to put in some work. Simply acknowledging it or saying you are a positive thinker isn’t enough. 

People will notice

A positive thinker broadcasts a renewed and improved state of mind. Even your body language changes when you are a positive thinker; you speak, think and act positive.

Try as you may, you can’t hoard positivity. Eventually the people you meet, have dinner with or are involved personally with, will catch a whiff of the new you. Whether it’s through your newfound thought process, actions, body language or speech. And naturally, negative thinkers will slowly drift away.

People tend to drift towards positive thinkers. When someone thinks acts and speaks positively, a large number of people will be inclined to help you. This translates to improved intrapersonal relationships.

The healthier relationships you have will inadvertently impact opportunities and chances that come your way. Positivity breeds motivation; A positive thinker will motivate themselves to look on the bright side even with the odds stacked sky-high against them. They are inclined to motivate others to do, feel and be better. The result; more open doors for them.

Solutions and skills that last longer than a smile

Professionally, positive thinkers visualize success, but it doesn’t end there, they develop strategies, plans and moves that set them on the surest path to their goals. Technically, failure isn’t an option for them and they toe the line between motivation and obsession ever so perfectly.

They dare beyond and venture beyond the normal. Positive thinkers seek to redefine the obvious. Their endurance, resilience and sheer commitment to success is impressive to say the least. A positive thinker explores ideas and experiences that help to create a meaningful, sustainable, compassionate and rewarding life for themselves and others.

When it comes to the romantic side of life, positive thinkers are as resilient as ever. The urge to gravitate towards positivity helps one to easily and effectively move on from heartbreaks. Disappointingly, positive thinkers are often taken advantage of. However, their positive mind is their lucky charm.

When you envision success and court positivity, you do not allow your mind to drift into negative thoughts. Even though things might not go as expected, your thought process encourages you to get up and try again or as they say-the sun will rise and we will try again.

It’s all in the mind

Negative thoughts are like a slow leak in your positivity yacht-eventually it’ll sink. Plug the leak and seal it off. Rid your mind of any urge to think negatively. Begin so by staying away from places, thoughts and people that breed negativity. Instead, surround yourself with positive thinkers.

The blueprint to positive thinking

Having the right skillset and emotional state is half the journey. A positive mind completes your plan. Achieving the ideal trinity of positive mind, thought and action is a gradual process. It takes time and ultimately, you getting out of your comfort zone. 

The process might involve;

  • Starting from inspirational stories of people you look up to or motivate you to chase your dreams (positive thinkers usually)
  • Repeating affirmations; most people scoff at the thought of chanting affirmations throughout the day but they work-can’t say they don’t if you haven’t tried them. 
  • Visualizing your end goal; is it career breakthrough, better romantic relationships or spiritual growth, visualize it and imprint it in your mind. 

Positive thinking dictates that you approach and handle unpleasant situations and emotions in a positive and productive way. This begins with changing the endless stream of unspoken negative thoughts running unchecked in your mind. While some of it may be positive, the negative ones are bolder and louder-and deadlier.

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