Positive ways to help with mental health during a pandemic

Pandemic is a widespread infectious disease that spreads on a large scale and can be transmitted from person to person. The current coronavirus disease; Covid-19 pandemic has made a great loss of lives all over the world and the economy has also been aimed to show a low graph.

The fear of being affected is knocking continuously into the mind of every person without taking age into account. Almost all people, children, youngsters, and old people need mental therapy to overcome their mental health. 

Positive ways to help with mental health:

During this pandemic, we are suffering from anxiety, depression, fear, obsessions, and lack of proper sleep. Our physical health also affects our mental health. We need to find mental health solutions for those who are the easy victim to get bad on mental health. 

Some of the important tips needed to be followed by every person to overcome mental health care are listed below:

Focus On The Positive

Our life is just like a roller coaster, we face ups and downs during different phases as life sometimes goes sideways to us. But, this does not mean that we lose hope and drains us into the dark side of our mind. We need to have hope and get rid of the bad situations we are facing in the form of covid-19.

During such circumstances, we need to think about positive things that have happened in our life (practice gratitude meditation) or we hope to happen in the future. Our mental health needs to be taken on a serious note and should be better-taken care of. We are in-charge of ourselves and can overcome our mental health to avoid serious damage.

Find Media Sources That Nourish Your Mind

There’s a large number of news sources worldwide that are playing a very important role in different national and international matters. But it is a bitter truth that many of the media sources are slanted to the views they want you to see. Sometimes, they create rumors just to publish news and get the maximum audience to their channels.

In this regard, we should decide which news channel or newspaper is authentic, trusted, does not exaggerate and create negative rumors. It will keep you updated appropriately without affecting your mental health. Some news sources like TheAbundancePubcom also suggest better mental health solutions with positive news around the world to keep you away from anxiety and depression. 

Develop better social contacts

During this pandemic, social distancing is advised by the health workers and doctors to avoid, getting infected by the contagious covid-19. Family and friends get-togethers are highly restricted that make you feel lonely and depressed. Take time to reach out to loved ones and people that provide positive reinforcement.

Keep yourself engaged on different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Instagram, etc. there you find different pages and groups for healthy discussion that provide you mental health therapy.  Make sure to avoid the people and groups that are in a negative gossip loop.

Organize your time effectively

The most important tip is to organize your time instead of letting it be wasted. If you organize your time and home/work space during a lockdown you can better keep yourself away from negative thoughts and utilize your precious time effectively. You can organize your time by making a timetable for different activities you can enjoy at home like:

  • Cooking 
  • Book reading 
  • Sports and video game playing 
  • Organizing your room
  • Having video call or voice call with your friends and family
  • Having a healthy family discussion etc.
  • Taking exercise
  • Fixing your sleep time

If you organize the time for different tasks, you will be able to keep yourself busy and overcome mental health in a better way.

Support the society

During the lockdown, the economy is running down and many of the people are suffering at a great level.  For example:

  • They are not getting food to feed their family
  • They not getting the medicine for patients
  • They have lost their shelters and observing homeless life

You can help the less fortunate people who are living hand to mouth after the arrival of this pandemic. They have lost their sources of income being fired by companies or employers. You will definitely feel relaxed after doing this nice job.

You can also participate to motivate the health workers who are taking care of the people in such a havoc condition and trying to save maximum lives.

Adopt some habits to keep you engaged

Habits are good friends to console your heart and soul. You feel fresh and motivated to do something new for yourself. Isolation does not mean that you do not address your mental health and keep thinking about what you are going through temporarily.

You can make this time better and fruitful by adopting nice habits like:

  • Gardening
  • Book reading
  • Cooking
  • Painting 
  • Sketching
  • Book writing etc.

Adopting habits is the best mental health solution that keeps you engaged and motivated to eliminate the stress, boredom, and fatigue of sitting still.

Avoid Intake of injurious objects

People get tired of being quarantined to their houses for a long time after a life enjoying their freedom before the arrival of covid-19. They feel anxiety and depression and choose the wrong way to deal with it. They start the use of alcohol and drugs to overcome mental health, which is actually hurting the very emotion we are avoiding.

You need to find better positive, nourishing activities versus destructive activities. The consumption of such injurious products may lead you to a high risk of getting an infection at the worst level that cannot be treated quickly.

Learn online skills to support your mental health and income

This time can be utilized in a very effective way by learning new skills online. These skills are helpful to enjoy learning and earn money as well. Different companies and groups of freelancers are offering their training sessions to keep the people engaged to avoid mental health problems.


No doubt we are passing through a very hard time but we are not alone facing this pandemic, it has hit the whole world. We just need to get pointed in the right direction that can provide us mental health therapy. I hope this article will help you to overcome mental health in a better way today and in the future.


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