20 Positive Phrases to Heal Your Soul After a Devastating Loss

11. I am strong and am getting stronger every day.

Sometimes you won’t feel like you are as strong as you actually are. Remind yourself that you are strong by saying this positive phrase each day. You can handle anything that comes your way, and you become even stronger because of it.

12. I trust that everything will be okay.

Life seems to work out, even when bad things happen. Trust that everything will work out, and you will experience more peace as you heal your soul.

13. I heal a little more each day.

Sometimes, you may not notice just how much you are healing. The pain is still there, and you are still grieving, so you believe that you are not healing. You are healing, though, every single day.

By repeating this affirmation, you will look for the signs of healing. When you do that, you will begin to feel better as you realize that you truly are healing. With that, you will only heal more quickly and completely.

14. The sadness I feel is helping me heal.

Feeling sad after a devastating loss is normal and completely expected. It is helping you process what you are going through, which leads to healing. Embrace your emotions and let them help you heal your soul.

15. I will be happy again.

After a loss, you may think that you will never be happy again. Life changes, sometimes unexpectedly, and you lose people, relationships, or things that you love. You will be happy again, though, and saying this affirmation to yourself will help you embrace hope for the future.

If you can find hope and remember that you can and will be happy again, your soul will begin to heal. This positive phrase will help you look for good things in life and help you get through each day.

16. I am gentle with myself as I accept my sadness.

When you are trying to heal your soul, you must be gentle with yourself. Your emotions are real and valid, and allowing yourself to experience them will help you get through it. Please don’t push yourself too hard because it is all a part of the healing process.

17. I am grateful for the memories that I have.

No matter what happens, your memories cannot be taken from you. You still have all of the happy times and love you felt, and you can cherish those memories forever. While it isn’t the same, it can help remind yourself that the memories are yours to keep.

18. I am letting go of negativity.

Experiencing loss can cause a range of emotions, including anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, grief, and many others. While you should allow yourself to feel these things, you also have to choose when to let go. When the time is right, use this phrase to let go of the negativity and replace it with positivity.

19. I will live in the present instead of reliving the past.

The mourning process has no timeframe, but you can’t think about the past nonstop. Try to live in the present whenever you can, and your soul will be able to heal.

Repeat this affirmation each day, and you will notice that your mind doesn’t drift to your grief as often as before. You can also repeat the affirmation when you’re in an exciting or happy moment and notice the grief creeping in. There will be times when thinking of the past is good, but don’t let it overwhelm you all the time.

20. I will look for moments of love, joy, peace, and gratitude today.

Repeat this affirmation each morning, and it will make a huge difference in your life. You will be more in tune with the beauty around you, and you will be happier because of it. Before you know it, your soul will be healed, and your sense of well-being will return.

heal your soul

Experiencing loss is a devastating part of life, but you can get through it. You will heal and be happy again as you learn to live with the changes that have occurred.

Use these positive affirmations each day to help you heal your soul. As you speak the words, you will be helping yourself move forward in life.

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