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February 15, 2021 9 min read

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You may not have realized it, but mathematics is an indispensable part of our daily lives. They are present in everything we do!

For example, when we make purchases and calculate expenses, we are doing a little arithmetic. In a conversation about natural phenomena or climate change, we are talking about chemistry and physics. And surely there is a lot of math every time we have to calculate taxes, right?

The progress of knowledge about numbers has allowed our societies to evolve: buildings, bridges, roads, science and technology, entrepreneurship and family economy. Every day we apply exact science to the decisions we make.

In this sense, today we have put together an important agenda of free courses to learn mathematics, from the basic level to the most advanced. For this we have the collaboration of renowned universities in Latin America and different educational platforms.

What will I learn in these courses?

We have courses ranging from math for kids, math for teachers, or math for college students; to specialized courses in mathematics for economists, accountants, chemists and physicists.

Can I enroll in more than one course?

Actually, it all depends on your own abilities. If you feel confident that you can take more than one course, take it seriously and responsibly. Remember that a study opportunity is an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Do I have to pay for the courses?

No. The courses we share are free to access. This means that you do not need to pay for enrollment or enrollment, much less for the content that you will learn each week.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

In some cases we have the possibility of accessing a digital certification granted by one of the foreign universities. This right to accreditation is subject to an optional payment. Remember that the final decision to receive a certification is voluntary.

Are we ready? These are all the free math courses that you can start right now.

Math for Teachers: Free Course List

1. How to teach Natural Sciences (Elementary Level)

  • Training loaded with resources and educational strategies that seek to enhance the teaching of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.
  • Link: Sign up for free

2. Mathematics Education for Teachers: Free Course

  • The renowned Universidad de los Andes offers you the possibility to deepen the content of your mathematics teachings. Learn the concept and procedure that characterizes and guarantees a better learning experience for your students.
  • Link: Sign up for free

3. Teaching mathematics in heterogeneous classrooms

  • Excellent for multigrade teachers. That is, for those who take on the challenge of teaching students of different ages in one classroom.
  • Link: Sign up for free

4. Free virtual course Bases of Mathematics

  • Review your knowledge as a teacher on topics such as: Sets, terminology; natural, integer, rational, unreal, real and complex numbers.
  • Link: Sign up for free

5. Free online course on Early Math and Science Teaching

  • In this list, the presence of the Inter-American Development Bank could not be absent. And on this occasion, it makes available to teachers, a subject to learn methods and practices aimed at improving learning in children of initial and primary education.
  • Link: Sign up for free

Math for Kids: Free Course List

Image: Depositphotos.com

6. Elementary math classes

  • An excellent opportunity to help the little ones at home to reinforce the subject of numbers. The program includes learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. In addition, it has a section to learn about set theory and the fundamentals of geometry.
  • Link: Sign up for free

7. Introduction to mathematics: various ages

  • It is an important selection of YouTube channels to help boys and girls take their first steps in the world of numbering.
  • Link : Sign up for free

Mathematics for secondary and pre-university level

8. Free online basic Algebra course

  • The National Autonomous University of Mexico teaches you to solve problems of first and second degree equations, polynomials, exponent theory, construction of algebraic expressions and much more!
  • Link: Sign up for free

9. Free online course on Analytical Geometry

  • Can’t understand math? Much less planes, straight lines, parabolas and ellipses? Then, this course at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana has been designed for you.
  • Link: Sign up for free

10. Free online course: Algebraic and transcendent functions

  • Learn three subjects in one course: Trigonometry, Arithmetic, and Algebra. Learn to solve polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric problems.
  • Link: Sign up for free

11. Free virtual course: How to learn mathematics

  • Stanford University offers the opportunity to learn study skills based on important research about the brain and learning.
  • Link: Sign up for free

Bonus.- The best YouTube channels to learn mathematics

  • We share a list of 10 YouTube channels to learn math for free in a didactic, simple and fun way. Ideal for college students.
  • Link : Sign up for free

College Math: Free Course List

12. Mathematics for the U: Free virtual course

  • The Universidad del Rosario offers all higher education students the possibility of remembering and strengthening basic mathematical concepts, strategies for solving problems and the use of mathematical language, etc.
  • Link: Sign up for free

13. Free online course Algebra for University

  • Enroll in the academic tour offered by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and master the systems of linear equations, matrix operations and the use of Cramer’s rule.
  • Link : Sign up for free

14. Free online course in Calculus: Integrals and derivatives

  • The Polytechnic University of Valencia surprises us with two virtual courses to learn the fundamentals of calculus.
  • Link: Sign up for free

15. Free virtual course on Concepts and Tools for University Physics

  • An excellent resource for college students who have difficulty posing a Physics problem.
  • Link: Sign up for free

Mathematics for Economists and Accountants

16. Free course on Financial Mathematics from UNAM

  • One of the five best universities in Latin America, offers you the possibility of studying and learning economic concepts: compound and simple interest, amortizations, perpetuities, etc.
  • Link: Sign up for free

17. Free online course Financial Mathematics and Cost Accounting

  • A YouTube playlist for accounting students and professionals. You will learn concepts such as: generalities, simple and compound interest, annuities and amortizations.
  • Link: Sign up for free

18. Free virtual course Statistics and probability I

  • A renowned university in Argentina offers you a virtual course in Spanish to learn how to obtain, describe and interpret statistical information in four weeks.
  • Link: Sign up for free

Mathematics courses on physics

Image: Depositphotos.com

19. Free online course on Electromagnetism

  • A course for engineering students who wish to learn the causes and laws of electromagnetic interaction. Within the academic route, topics will be taught, such as: electric and magnetic fields, as well as magnetic induction.
  • Link: Sign up for free

20. Free online course on Vectors, Labor and Energy

  • The Tecnológico de Monterrey offers the public a course focused on three topics in Physics. The program is divided into four weeks.
  • Link: Sign up for free

21. Free virtual course on Dimension and Movement

  • Educational content aimed at teaching Dimensional Analysis, introduction to movement, instantaneous and derived speed.
  • Link: Sign up for free

Mathematics courses on Chemistry

22. Free online course to learn Chemistry from scratch

  • Excellent for students who want to learn chemistry and need a program that guides and categorizes each subject of the subject by level. The course is in English, but you can activate the option to subtitle it in Spanish.
  • Link: Sign up for free

23. Free Chemistry Course (Basic Level)

  • A proposal from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana that seeks to help the student without knowledge of chemical science. The program is divided into four weeks and topics will be taught, such as: Fundamentals of the structure of matter, Periodic classification, Chemical links and Nomenclature.
  • Link: Sign up for free

24. Free online course on Chemical Bonding and Molecular Interactions

  • Training given by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. It is divided into four weeks and the student will be able to learn: Types of chemical bond, Ionic and metallic bond, Covalent bond. Geometry and properties of molecules and molecular interactions.
  • Link: Sign up for free

25. Free course on chemical formulas and compounds

  • Problems understanding this topic? No more! Sign up for this 6-week initiative of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and master this subject as an expert.
  • Link: Sign up for free
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