3 Lesser-Known Stocks to Buy Now

Several lesser-known stocks are making constructive moves and could be on their way to becoming big winners this quarter. While they aren’t necessarily household names, these companies are showing strength in the market at this time

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4, 2021

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This story originally appeared on MarketBeat

With many of the biggest and most popular companies selling off after reporting strong earnings, it might pay off to start looking into the trades that aren’t as crowded at this time. That way, you can potentially identify new winners as they are emerging and get involved with stocks that have room to run as they gain more exposure. That’s one of the greatest things about trading and investing, there are always new opportunities to explore if you know where to look.

Several lesser-known stocks are making constructive moves and could be on their way to becoming big winners this quarter. While they aren’t necessarily household names, these companies are showing strength in the market at this time and have attractive business models. Keep reading below to learn more about 3 lesser-known stocks to buy now.


This is a very strong company that is a major player in global professional services but tends to fly under the radar for U.S. investors because it is based in Britain. Aon PLC is a leading global provider of insurance and provides advice and solutions to clients focused on risk, retirement, and health. Aon serves clients in over 120 countries and is especially busy with helping companies manage their risks in a constantly evolving international business environment following the pandemic. One could argue that there’s never been a more important time for businesses to manage volatility and risk, which is why Aon is such an attractive stock.

Aon delivered a strong Q1 and is seeing its business bounce back in some of the segments that were hit the hardest by the pandemic. The company reported organic revenue growth of 6%, adjusted EPS growth of 16%, and free cash flow growth of 91% in the quarter. It’s also worth noting that Aon has strong corporate relationships that will allow it to cross-sell new services over time, which could be a nice growth driver for the company in the long term.

Pool Corporation (NASDAQ:POOL)

With summer right around the corner and consumers continuing to invest heavily in their homes, looking at a company like Pool Corporation makes a lot of sense. As you might have gathered from the company’s name, Pool Corporation is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of pool and related backyard equipment, as well as a major distributor of irrigation products. With over 200,000 national brand and private label products and roughly 120,000 wholesale customers, it’s safe to say that this company has made a major splash in the industry.

People can purchase everything from pool maintenance supplies to pool construction materials from Pool Corporation, and when you consider what’s happening with the current housing market boom it’s fair to assume that there are plenty of swimming pool remodelers and builders interested in its products. The company reported record net sales of $1.06 billion for Q1 2021, representing year-over-year growth of 57%, and saw its Q1 2021 diluted EPS increase by 223% to a record $2.42. This is one lesser-known stock that has a great shot at staying hot throughout the summer, which is why it’s worth a look at this time.

Voyager Digital (OTCMKTS:VYGVF)

Given all of the excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies, it’s fair to say that the recent Coinbase IPO has been a major disappointment. However, there are other interesting choices to consider if you are interested in adding exposure to cryptocurrencies via stock. Voyager Digital is an intriguing option, as it’s a Canada-based crypto-asset provider that offers retail and institutional investors a turnkey solution to trade crypto assets. The company’s platform features over 50 digital assets and offers its users attractive interest rates on 24 of them.

Some people think of Voyager Digital as the Robinhood of cryptocurrencies, and its platform is growing extremely fast. The company added 130,000 new funded accounts in April and is reportedly seeing 35% user growth month-over-month. With over $2.4 billion assets under management and commission-free crypto trading, Voyager Digital is certainly a company that stands out in the cryptocurrency industry at this time. The stock has rallied over 496% year-to-date and could be in for even more gains as it continues to gain exposure among investors and add more coins to its platform.

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