5 Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sports

Whether you are a fan of shooting hoops, love to pound the pavements, or are addicted to extreme sports, if you wear glasses, you may struggle to indulge in your passion whilst still being able to see properly. Fortunately, contact lenses offer the perfect solution to your problem.

contact lenses for sports like soccer

From offering, you enhanced peripheral vision, to reduce your risk of injury, to be more compatible with safety equipment, keep reading to find out the top five advantages of wearing contact lenses when playing sports.

1. Better peripheral vision

Peripheral vision is the capacity to see objects and movement outside your direct line of sight. Crucial for many sports, contact lenses provide an enhanced peripheral vision as they contort to the natural curvature of the eye.

Although you can find sports eyeglasses that are made with large wraparound lenses designed to improve peripheral vision, these are not often available for people who need prescription lenses.

2. Superior view

If you can wear glasses when playing your preferred sport or physical activity, you may find that they obstruct your overall view. However, when wearing contact lenses, because there are no frames, you can see all of your surroundings clearly, allowing you to play more effectively.

contact lenses

If you only want to wear contact lenses when playing sports and eyeglasses the rest of the time, you can get sports contacts that are high-quality disposable lenses that require no maintenance and are super simple to put in.

3. Reduced risk of injury

Think about the last time you played a sport. Was it a contact sport? Or one where your eyeglasses could easily be knocked or broken? If yes, then you could be putting your eyes at risk. Penetrating eye injuries can be extremely dangerous, often resulting in severe damage to the eye.

4. Enhanced compatibility with safety equipment

If you are required to wear any safety equipment when you play a sport such as a helmet or protective goggles, then contact lenses lend themselves much better to this than eyeglasses.

contact lenses for sports like basketball

Contact lenses have zero interference when it comes to safety equipment and can be worn whatever sport you are playing (other than swimming).

Contact lenses can be a good choice for children who play regular sports, either in or out of school, especially if they regularly enjoy activities such as gymnastics or cheerleading where glasses would easily fall off.

5. No distraction or distortion

Eyeglasses can cause reflections which can be very distracting when playing sport and lead you to lose your focus momentarily. Contact lenses, move with your eyes so that the center of the lens is always in the line of sight, eliminating potential distortions and blind spots that are typical with glasses.

If you are thinking about using contact lenses, either for everyday use or for when you are playing sports, make sure that you speak to your optician or an eye care professional first so that you can obtain advice about activities that involve contact with water such as swimming and showering.

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