5 Simple Valentine's Day Business Ideas

The date of love and friendship is approaching. Here’s how you can generate extra income.

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In Mexico, Valentine’s Day or the day of love and friendship is the fifth most important date among the population according to data from the Mexican Internet Association, and if to this, we add that approximately 72% of Mexicans participate in This holiday becomes a date that can generate extra income for anyone who wants to earn money.

To give you a clearer idea, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) revealed that approximately 61% of Mexicans spend between $ 100 and $ 400 pesos on gifts during this date, while approximately 34% spend from $ 400 to $ 800 pesos, and these figures are without counting the people who spend above those amounts.

If you want to generate an extra income or, adapt your business a bit so that it generates more money during these dates, I share 5 extremely simple business ideas for the day of love and friendship:

  1. Create personalized cards: If you are fortunate enough to be a very creative person or have a good design, you can choose to design personalized cards. Normally the cards that they sell in stores or in any other establishment are usually very expensive and they all look very similar. All you need is your wits and printing.

  2. Create a small space to sell flowers: either outside your home or even in a park, flowers never hurt, as it is the first option to get out of trouble. Whether it’s a single rose or small custom bouquets, you won’t be short of customers.

  3. Gift wrapping: another easy option that is always needed is to offer a decoration and gift wrapping service. Many people are not the best at these types of crafts and are always looking for help wrapping gifts, decorating them and making them more creative. If you want some inspiration to create more creative wraps, you can find different ideas on pages like Pinterest .

  4. Chocolates and sweets: another option that many people choose during these dates is to give away any food that is sweet, especially chocolate. If you like baking or baking, you can sell cupcakes, muffins or brownies in small boxes and customize the decoration according to the name of the person.

  5. Create experiences: there are small businesses that, during special dates, give a 180 ° turn to their normal operation and create experiences according to the season or celebration. And with experiences I do not mean a tour throughout Europe, you can search for Magical Towns or nearby cities and make special packages for the day of love and friendship. You can include everything from transportation to a romantic dinner before returning.

The options are endless, these are just some of the easiest and that you can adapt to your business model during these dates.

Get creative and make the most of the festivities in the country, as everything represents an opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs.

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