5 Ways Marijuana Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

More than any time before in history, the awareness of yoga is growing. This is not surprising as people are on the quest for an easy way to enjoy a relaxed body and a healthy mind. People practice yoga for various reasons. It could be to stay healthy, lose weight, or just to enjoy many of its other benefits.

With the legalization of CBD and its various components in various countries, many people are coming to terms with its health benefits. This article will focus on the potential of using marijuana with yoga.

Marijuana and Yoga: How do They Work Together?

Many people have long realized the benefits of marijuana and yoga. Cannabis provides intense physical and mental relaxation, which helps enhance the practice of yoga.

Although marijuana is a component of the cannabis plant, it comes with tremendous health benefits. Many people have also realized the positive impacts of this ancient combination.

Marijuana combined with yoga is a powerful tool with tremendous healing and relaxing effects. Many have also accepted these two combinations as an alternative to natural medicine. The side effect is minimal, and it offers a holistic healing approach.

Marijuana will enhance yoga practice and bring about a positive mind-body balance. The health benefits are similar, and they work wonderfully in harmony. As long as it is legal in your country, you can order dog marijuana seeds online in 2020. With this, you can grow your marijuana and combine it with yoga whenever you feel like it.

How You Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Marijuana

1. It Reduces Stress

Mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression are common and many people practice yoga for its stress-reducing benefits. Yoga stands out as a holistic approach to keep you grounded, foster a good lifestyle, and bring about self-actualization.

When you combine yoga with marijuana, it can encourage a stress-free life. There are studies showcasing the calming effect of marijuana on the nerves. As a result, you get to treat anxiety and associated disorders with this combination.

One of the ways marijuana combats stress is by reducing cortisol. It also stimulates the serotonin receptors. This is a perfect combination to get rid of stress and improve mood. Consume cannabis-infused products, tinctures, or CBD oil for health before beginning your yoga practice. The supplement interacts with your brain receptors and helps in increasing focus and concentration levels.

When you take marijuana before your yoga session, it calms your nerves, helps you concentrate, and gives you the right attitude to do your yoga poses with little fatigue. This points to the fact that marijuana supports yoga’s primary purpose – to eliminate stress.

2. It Minimizes Pain

Any thorough exercise regimen involves pain and soreness. Excessive pain is not healthy as it affects the normal functioning of the body system.

yoga and stretching

There are many forms of yoga. These various forms involve hundreds of poses and stretches that target multiple muscles in the body. There are advanced yoga postures as well that trigger tension and contraction in the muscle. This causes soreness.

This is where the use of marijuana comes in – to relieve muscle pain.

Marijuana significantly helps in relieving pain. It has anti-inflammatory agents that alleviate the distress in the muscle when overstressed.

When you take marijuana and CBD, it will boost strength, overcome limitations, and energize you to try various poses. This not only soothes your muscles before your yoga practices but also supplements it. However, start with small doses in the initial period. It will relax your muscles and reduce tension in the process.

3. It Improves Focus

One of the reasons why people attempt yoga is to get a connection between their body and mind. In our present world, with many things demanding our attention, like work, relationships, monthly bills, deadlines to meet, there are many things running through our mind, making focus difficult.

People practice yoga to boost focus and keep the mind centered on a single thing. When people practice meditation, a form of yoga, it allows them to be wholly present. This makes them aware of their breathing as it helps let go of negative energy.

One of the challenges of meditation, however, is attaining focus. Many people, beginners especially, struggle with achieving focus. This is where marijuana also comes in – it helps you focus more easily.

According to studies, weed interacts with the brain’s serotonin agent, which brings about laser focus. It boosts the supply of serotonin to the brain, improving mental focus. Studies have revealed that cannabis increases alertness and helps relax your mind with attention deficiency.

While practicing meditative yoga, marijuana boosts concentration.

4. It Makes You Flexible

There are many yoga poses. They all look appealing and enticing when your instructor is teaching you. However, you might not be able to try these poses if you are not flexible. One of the factors responsive to this is inflammation. One of the reasons your body feels tight and mobility seems hard is inflammation in the joints.

Marijuana, however, is a good antioxidant that can reduce inflammation by getting rid of free radicals. The lower the inflammation, the more flexible you will be. This will lead to a fulfilling yoga practice.

Flexibility is not for yoga practice alone. It’s used in many areas of life like walking stairs, picking something off the floor, and reducing your tendency for injury.

5. It provides a healthy immune system

Yoga and Immunity are interlinked with each other. A healthy body with high immunity helps you to perform your yoga with more energy and you can perform yoga practice for a longer period.

A healthy immune system allows you to enjoy your daily tasks, work, and all other activities. Marijuana can provide you a healthy immune system and you can fully enjoy your yoga practice.

6. It Improves Sleep Patterns

Proper sleep is the key to a healthy life. When you take proper sleep of 8-10 hours, your body remains fit and healthy. However, getting proper sleep is not that easy in today’s modern lifestyle. Many factors like stress, anxiety affects sleep and that results in an improper sleeping cycle.

People try yoga for many reasons and one of them could be to improve the quality of sleep. Sleep is essential to life and health. You will easily feel the effect of inadequate sleep on your body and it diminishes productivity.
Like many exercises, yoga poses trigger tiredness, fatigue, and muscle contraction. With marijuana, you can improve the quality of sleep after yoga sessions. Marijuana will relieve pain and soreness after the yoga session, making it easy to fall asleep.


Many things have changed in the modern-day lifestyle. People are looking for supplements for their daily lifestyle and workout. In summary, marijuana is a fantastic addition to yoga. It will help reduce pain, combat inflammation, help you sleep better, and focus more. These benefits will make your every yoga session a good one.

You can take your yoga practice to a whole new level by combining it with marijuana. The results will speak for itself.

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