5 Ways that You Can Support Resilient Local Food Systems in the Wake of COVID-19

5 Ways that You Can Support Resilient Local Food Systems in the Wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the fragility of Canada’s food system. Now is the time to push for more sustainable and local food systems that promote food security for all.

  1. Buy local 

Look for labels that denote locally grown or produced food, and consider subscribing to a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, which entitles you to a delicious and regular share of a local farm’s harvest while helping them to remain financially stable.

  1. Connect with your local farmers 

Visit farmers’ markets, participate in open farm days, or look for ways to connect online, so you can learn more about their work and the challenges they face. Farmers are super busy, particularly during the growing season, so they might not always have time to talk to you—and that’s OK!

  1. Talk to your political representatives 

Do some research into food system issues in your local area and use your voice to push for positive change.

  1. Be food literate 

Invest time in learning how to prepare food that is local and in season, so you can turn a lesser-known legume into something delicious with ease.

  1. Grow some of your own food

You’ll gain a new appreciation for how hard our farmers work to feed us—and there’s nothing like the pride of biting into your own homegrown produce, even if it’s just a tomato or two.

For more information, check out COVID-19 and Canada’s Food System

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