8 Reasons You Should See a Naturopathic Doctor

If you’ve ever left the doctor’s office with unanswered questions, or hesitated to book an appointment because you couldn’t quite find the right words to describe your issue—you’re not alone. That’s why some Canadians may choose to visit naturopathic doctors (NDs) alongside their primary healthcare provider in order to access a holistic form of healthcare which addresses their individual needs.

We talked to Dr. Chanel Smyth, ND of Creekside Health in Whistler, BC, for some insight into how these holistic health practitioners can help you.

If you are curious about the role of an ND

Though often confused with a naturopath, an ND is a separate profession. Unlike a naturopath, becoming an ND requires eight years of schooling: You must first obtain a bachelor’s degree with pre-med requirements and complete a four-year doctoral program accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education, followed by successful completion of standardized board exams.

As Smyth explains, the role of an ND is to “diagnose, prevent, and treat acute and chronic illness and, in some provinces, prescribe medication.” An ND can help with a multitude of needs, often working alongside medical doctors (MDs) to provide you with the best overall care they can.

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