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February 5, 2021 4 min read

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Although it is true that the pandemic has truncated opportunities for many, it must be recognized that it has also provided them to begin to do things differently, and learn to value strongly the most important asset that every company has: its employees.

We must never forget that a company is due to the effort, work and talent of those who make it possible for the different processes of the organization to be a reality.

Seeking the well-being of employees was an expectation for many, today companies are realizing that it is a “duty”, since generating structures that promote happiness and well-being in employees brings infinite benefits to any organization.

If a company maintains its strengths and never stops implementing good practices to achieve the happiness and well-being of its employees, it will generate trust, positive emotions and commitment in them. Let us remember the heliotropic effect of Kim Cameron, where he explains it clearly, by nature all living beings tend to go towards the light, towards a positive energy; and get away from the dark, negative energy.

What people need to flourish is precisely that light, that is the main ingredient that every organization requires for its successful growth, to preserve its garden of beautiful living flowers.

But it is not only that, the profiles of the employees also have interference to determine the environment or climate at work. We must pay maximum attention that they have well-established values such as empathy, compassion, honesty, tolerance, loyalty, among others. These soft skills are what will form an organization that alone, without planning, will help humanity.

In this life many times we have heard the phrase “You have to lead by example”, and it is true! If an organization has leaders who generate optimism, positive emotions, ideas to contribute, not to fulfill, in their work team, they will have greater success in their tasks or tasks.

Optimism has been shown to lead to higher learning and performance. The reason is, if you believe or think that you will do well, you will try harder.

At Duke University, a couple of economists proved that optimistic people work longer hours, are more persistent, and end up making more money.

It is necessary to be clear that it is the responsibility of all the leaders of the organizations to attend to the psychosocial component of the behavior of the people who make it up, since organizational well-being is directly related to economic results, conflict management, customer satisfaction, and the achievement of organizational efficiency.

Organizational wellness

A company that demonstrates organizational well-being has significant competitive advantages, for example:

+ 300% Innovation -44% Diseases

+ 44% Sales -51% Turnover

+ 31% Productivity -125% Burnout

+ 37% Retention

But not only that, having a healthy and harmonious work environment allows business processes to flow, goals to be achieved in the shortest time and in the best way, the reputation of the company is benefited, because when the employee feels cared for the same, he will spread the word with his relatives.

To achieve organizational success, it is necessary to implement an organizational wellness and happiness strategy that contributes to aligning the business with strategic objectives and HR initiatives. Let us remember that well-being is a personal and collective responsibility for continuous improvement in organizations.

Boost the happiness of organizations

For more than five years LIVE 13.5 ° has offered consulting to various organizations under a complete and humane methodology. With it, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial balance is sought in people, which contributes to generating happy and productive organizations.

Large transnational companies such as Coca Cola Femsa, Natura, Danone, Starbucks, Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors, UPS, Cirsa, Santander, Chopo, Unicef, MetLife, Expansión, Kuehne + Nagel, among many more, have been participants in the experiences and certifications that offers LIVE 13.5 ° as consultancies in happiness and HR, training and integration events to form happier, productive, healthy and positive work teams.

It is time to listen and carefully observe the context that we are living, from all its angles, don’t you think that it is crying out for us to be better human beings and to do something for society itself?

It is necessary to start the year well, be more empathetic with what surrounds us, identify the observable behaviors that generate positive results and implement good practices.

Let’s find, work and promote that well-being of our second home, work.

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