Goodbye to labor borders! So you can offer your professional services in the United States

February 5, 2021 5 min read

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We changed, employers changed, and work itself changed. According to a survey by the human resources consultancy Mercer, 83% of employers in Latin America will continue to work remotely, once the pandemic is controlled. Additionally, for the National Association for Business Economics, in the United States, it is estimated that 80% of companies maintain their operations under the same conditions.

This implies that companies are assimilating the new labor paradigm and also opens up a great opportunity for all those who carry out activities virtually. Professionals dedicated to programming and software development have already seen a growth in demand thanks to the virtualization of the working day, so they can find offers around the world, with just a click. But how do you get these kinds of jobs?

The growth of remote job opportunities led experts in the field to develop tools that help people understand this new way of working. One of them is Alexander Torrenegra, investor, Colombian businessman and shark of Shark Tank, the reality show of the Sony channel. Torrenegra set out to facilitate the meeting between employers, especially from North America and Latin American talent. This is how Torre was born, a platform in which Latino talent can access job offers beyond its borders, facilitating entry in international currency and expanding the labor market.

With more than a million people registered in just over a year since its creation, Torre uses Artificial Intelligence to generate successful recruits and organize hundreds of data from the profiles of each professional.

“All you need to work anywhere is a good internet connection and a computer. In addition, with platforms like Torre, you can find opportunities according to the level of income, skills, and even the professional culture of each one. Along with this, users can decide whether they are looking for a freelance job, full time or an internship ”, highlights the Colombian businessman.

How does it work? At Torre, you just create a profile with information that nurtures the “professional genome” of each person. This is like the work DNA of each person, with hundreds of data that gather skills, strengths, weaknesses and experiences; a much more complete resume and in total control of the applicants. This will serve to make the perfect match between the talent and the needs of each company. In addition to the support and service of this platform, there are other elements to take into account to be successful working remotely.

Have structure and organization

Offering services in a company that is located in a different country may require more planning, as you may work different hours. From the start, acquiring responsibility from a distance demands a great sense of organization and responsibility to accomplish tasks. By having a structure and complying with the established times you can not only guarantee more success, but also help to find more and better opportunities in remote work management platforms.

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Master other languages

If the interest is in working for companies in the United States, it is necessary to have a good command of English. This will facilitate communication with employers and open the possibility of having better job offers. The constant practice and knowledge of other languages will be a vital aspect to obtain jobs in different countries.

Acquisition of new skills

“Remote workers are self-taught and curious. They are always looking for new knowledge to overcome day-to-day obstacles and nurture their curriculum, in order to become more attractive to different global companies seeking remote talent, ”adds Torrenegra. Currently, there are many online learning platforms that facilitate the acquisition of new tools that will serve to diversify the skills offered on search sites like Torre.

Use of technological tools

To organize time and tasks, as well as income received, different available digital platforms can be used to make remote work more efficient. A person who works online must take advantage of the entire range of tools that exists on the internet. This is a fundamental characteristic of remote workers: being friendly with technology, since many of the employers they can find will give access to workspaces such as Slack, Drive, Calendly, among others.

“The pandemic erased the borders when it comes to working, especially for those professions that concentrate all their activities on the use of the computer, such as programming and software development. For them, the world opened up, giving them the possibility of living in Latin America, but working, for example, with the United States with pay in dollars ”, Torrenegra concludes.

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