Business idea: Open a boutique service of scented candles

Aromatherapy has gained popularity, as it is one of the most natural and effective options to counteract some disorders such as stress.

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Despite troubled perfume sales in 2020, the fragrance category as a whole has seen growing interest as consumers take advantage of scents for wellness at home, according to CBS Insights .

Interest in aromatherapy and fragrances has risen to record levels in 2020 as global uncertainty surrounding the pandemic has prompted consumers to seek aromatherapy as a form of personal care and stress relief.

The manufacture of scented decorative candles has become a good business due to the low cost of production, but there are few stores dedicated to the sale of these products. Currently the main points of sale are department stores and decoration stores.

On the other hand, aromatherapy has gained popularity, as it is one of the most natural and effective options to counteract some disorders such as stress, insomnia, fatigue, headaches and depressive symptoms.


The business is focused on a medium-high socioeconomic level, so you must find a place in an exclusive area. Tourist spots are an excellent option too.

The decoration and atmosphere of the store is of the utmost importance in order to create an atmosphere of relaxation. You can use wooden shelves well organized by color, aroma and size of candles. This is key to creating a boutique atmosphere.

Try to have as much display as possible with all kinds of decorative candles with different sizes, shapes, smells, and colors.

You even have the possibility of making decorative arrangements with candles, flowers, sand, stones and everything that your imagination can contribute.

For this type of business you don’t need a lot of publicity, but you can launch a small campaign in women’s and / or decoration magazines.

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