Check, the food delivery app launched by Canirac is now available in the CDMX

The “exclusive to change as a digital entity” platform supports the restaurant industry in the process of providing its services.

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February 26, 2021 4 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Born in Zacatecas, Check is the platform considered to support restaurateurs and that covers all services with the help of digitization.

“Our rate is economical, the service is very broad and high for all digital transactions in this industry,” said David Castillo Eckert, CEO of Check Mexico.

The platform does not charge a commission for each delivery, but a membership of 3,199 Mexican pesos, in case the restaurant belongs to Canirac.

What the Check app does is digitize your restaurant. “We live within your food business, where the virtual menu is located and you can order, pay, divide the bill and even communicate with your waiter from the comfort of your table,” said the businessman.

They also have a module in which you avoid having groups waiting for a table, to promote a better organization in the allocation of places. In addition to having a home delivery service, its technology allows several restaurants to deliver their food to users.

“The objective is that users always feel well cared for, their doubts are resolved, that they have that confidence and closeness that a member of the team will attend to them in the correct way. In addition to seeking the comfort of the users in the use of the platform and that the restaurants feel supported, ”said Mariana Zedillo, partner and co-founder, responsible for the direction of customer services.

For his part, Romeo Carrasco, administrative and financial director, reiterated his thanks to everyone for being present and to people who have believed in the project.

Santander is an ally that Check works with daily, from which it has received a lot of support and they have great expansion plans and support for SMEs, in which they will establish a digital banking process, with the benefit of making payments through an app safely and effectively.

Likewise, the company Rombo was mentioned, who is a partner, since he helps and directs all the logistics of the company.

“We have learned a lot from people who are dedicated to home delivery since 2020, since they became the only possibility to have food prepared at home without taking risk. They became an essential element to avoid risking our health, ”said Eduardo Lozano, the company’s operational director.

“Over time, we have experienced crises for different causes in the country and there is always a group of people who become heroes, women and men, beyond money, they give time and physical integrity to take care of people. It is time to acknowledge their risky work, not only with applause, but here they are being offered salaries, collaboration agreements, medical insurance against accidents and road assistance. We have called them checkers and now they will be able to be certified before the authorities and will have benefits such as uniforms to prevent them from spending on clothes ”, added the executive.

Currently, Check is operating in Zacatecas and in the Coyoacán mayor’s office in Mexico City, but they have future expansion plans.

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