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Do not panic! We have put together a selection of resources, virtual lessons and free courses to learn how to support a thesis project.

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13, 2021

5 min read

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If you find yourself on the difficult mission of defending a thesis , then you have come to the right place. I am not going to lie to you, support or argue a thesis is a real challenge, mainly to our emotions. And there is nothing more intimidating than facing a jury that will undoubtedly question to the millimeter all the work you have been doing in recent months.

Sooner or later, we all have to go down the thorny path of thesis defense. And if for some reason you stumbled on that purpose, there is no harm that does not come, perhaps it is time to try again.

How to make a good thesis presentation? What are the most frequently asked questions from the jury? How to support a doctoral thesis? How to cite theoretical bases in a thesis defense?

Sooner or later, we all have to go through the thorny path of defending a thesis / Image:

Well, to help you understand a little more about the process of preparing and supporting a thesis, from the Oye Juanjo blog I have prepared an interesting compilation of cases, didactic examples, common errors, tips and free courses related to thesis defense .

To access the complete list you just have to enter here: See free courses on thesis support .

An agenda of educational proposals with free access will be opened immediately where the following topics will be addressed:

Course 01: Frequently asked questions of the jury in the support of the thesis
Prepared by a research professor with more than 15 years as a thesis jury, it will reveal the most frequent questions that jurors ask during a thesis support.

Course 02: How to make a good thesis presentation
A guide that explains the way of oral presentation of a thesis work, from the student’s perspective as well as from the jury’s point of view.

Course 03: How to prepare a thesis project from scratch
Free four-week university course taught by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where you will learn all the steps and procedures necessary to do a thesis.

Course 04: Defend your thesis and get a good grade
This university professor, who has evaluated many master’s thesis and doctoral thesis projects, tells us what are the expectations of the jury in a thesis support, the answers or the words that denote lack of knowledge, and how to approve the thesis without dying in the attempt.

Course 05: How to support a doctoral thesis
An impeccable presentation on the process of supporting a doctoral thesis, full of suggestions and recommendations so that not a single detail is missed.

Course 06: Example of a thesis support
Sometimes a practical example is the greatest learning experience. This is what we will see in this case of support for a doctoral thesis, which presents a good explanation of what a theoretical argument is.

Course 07: What questions does the thesis jury ask?
What does a thesis jury evaluate? What criteria do you have to approve or reject a thesis project? Here you will find many answers about it.

Course 08: Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques for Research
An excellent virtual and free course, this time taught by the Polytechnic University of Valencia that brings us closer to the scientific method and, specifically, how it is applied to the study and analysis of case methods in a thesis project.

Course 09: Tools for Good Research Practices
The University of Rosario, in Colombia, offers this virtual course for everyone in which you will learn to identify the main questionable behaviors in scientific research and to use novel strategies to improve research standards.

Course 10: Common Mistakes in Thesis Defense
Learn about the frequently asked questions that thesis students usually receive, what verbs and words to use in a thesis defense, frequent errors in the thesis support, how to make theoretical bases in a thesis defense. And more!

As you can see, we have a lot of educational material to refine the last details before a good thesis defense. Remember that the secret of a good thesis is in the small details.

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