Donald Glover Calls Out ‘Boring’ Art in the Film and TV Industry, Sparks Conversation About Cancel Culture

The rapper, writer and producer started a larger discussion on Twitter.

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11, 2021

3 min read

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Donald Glover, the rapper, writer and producer known by fans as Childish Gambino, is calling out the onslaught of “boring” television shows and films that have been produced as a result of the industry’s “cancel culture.”

In a series of tweets, Glover mentioned a discussion he saw on the social media platform about people being “tired” of reviewing “boring stuff” in the film and television industry, though he did not call out any tweets specifically.

“we’re getting boring stuff and not even experimental mistakes(?) because people are afraid of getting cancelled,” he continued.

Glover’s words prompted conversation on the platform about the danger to creative liberty that cancel culture holds, and how it might be doing more damage than it does good.

“Isn’t the purpose of art to trigger a reaction in people? Get creative because you’re not getting canceled,” @BrianRupp16 questioned. 

“Many professional reviewers just don’t know how to watch deeply or actively in the first place. Even if daring stuff was coming out, they wouldn’t know how to discuss it,” pointed out @KanyePodcast.

But what many users also called into question was if Glover’s tweets were referring to “canceled” in the literal sense of programs being taken off air or de-funded, or if he was simply making commentary about cancel culture.

The rapper’s choice to address his concerns on the platform he’s been silent on since last November would indicate it’s the latter, especially considering Twitter’s role in “canceling” artists, CEOs and influencers alike. It’s not uncommon to see hashtags like “#XisCanceled” or “#CancelX” trending nearly every day. 

Glover ended his series of tweets by writing that some artists feel as though they can only experiment with “aesthetic” as a result.

Glover himself is under fire after accusations emerged last Thursday that he allegedly plagiarized his hit song “This Is America” from a Florida-based rapper named Kidd Wes whose song “Made in America” has “substantial similarities” to Glover’s.

The rapper hasn’t commented on the lawsuit publicly, but his cryptic tweets about “boring” art and lack of originality in the industry seem to be quite ironic and timely.

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