Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach franchisees coach business owners, professionals, managers, and sales teams to be more successful through their Strategic Mindset Process and ongoing accountability coaching. The company was founded in 2002 and has coached thousands of business professionals across the globe.

Our business coaching franchises taps into growing demand for coaching and sales training services

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The Growth Coach® is an industry-leading business coaching franchise, established in over 150 markets in the United States and abroad. Since our founding in 1992, our coaches have helped thousands of small business owners achieve their personal and professional goals. With 28 million businesses in the United States, the demand for business coaching has grown to a tremendous $11 billion industry. The Growth Coach is ramping up for a rapid nationwide expansion, and is actively seeking entrepreneurs with proven leadership experience to help their small business communities prosper.

A business coaching franchise is vital in all economies – good or bad

Navigating uncertain economic times is a minefield of potential disasters for small business owners, managers and the sales teams that drive revenues. The Growth Coach business coaching franchise owners provide stakeholders with the tools and skills needed to hone their instincts. That way, they can avoid growing too quickly ahead of an economic downturn and make sure to maximize opportunities for growth and expansion when the economy is strong.

It’s no secret that economists are bullish on the economy these days — except on the days when they’re not. It seems we can’t go a week without hearing about this index setting that record, or that stock reaching an important threshold, only to turn around the next week and hear dire predictions about leading economic indicators. That’s where The Growth Coach business coach comes in — and that’s also one of the reasons why our business coaching franchise is virtually immune to economic turmoil.

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Our management team positions Growth Coach owners for long-term franchise success

When you make the decision to become part of The Growth Coach, you’re making a commitment to yourself and your community to help business owners, managers and sales teams grow — both personally and professionally. We’re there with you at each step of the process, to provide training, develop new materials to respond to market demands, and help you grow your coaching franchise through professional marketing and promotional materials.

We’ve spent more than 15 years perfecting The Growth Coach franchise model in communities across the country, working with coaches from all walks of life and myriad careers. All that work shows in our comprehensive training programs, simplified business operations, referral-based marketing systems, and high-visibility branding.

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