Faced with the situation of change, what should you focus on?

You and I now have knowledge that we can use to our advantage and not lose focus on what really matters.

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23, 2021

4 min read

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By: Dafne Navarro Miranda / Leader of the Communication Ecosystem, PR and Contents / Great Place to Work® Mexico

Geez, time went by so fast. We have exceeded twelve months since all this began and we are already on our way to the year of confinement in Mexico.

And I don’t know about you, but faced with this situation, sometimes I feel as if I was returning to a place where I had already been, but with experience under my arm. I remembered watching the movie ” Groundhog Day ” (1993).

So why would I act the same if I know that I recognize myself differently in the situation? You and I now have knowledge that we can use to our advantage and not lose focus on what really matters.

It seems crazy, but many times despite seeing the same situation in a different way, out of habit, comfort, to maintain a position, we continue to act the same. Has it happened to you?

It is hard to accept the mistake or leave behind what happened, instead of assuming a humble, open, learning behavior. It also happens that in this stagnation with the past, the opportunity to be in tune with the present is neglected, which is the only real moment to make a change. The one you want.

And change does not need you to understand it, it requires you to embrace it, integrate it and live it. The change, the one you seek or choose, allows you to connect with the truth of your possibilities, update yourself and stay focused.

So if you already recognized the situation, conceived the experience and embraced the change, it is time to move from understanding to action.

Image: Tikhonova | Getty Images

It is the action present in the situation!

Focus on:

  1. Be objective when assessing reality. There is still no certainty, but you already have experiences that guide you
  2. Take care of your mental health and that of your collaborators
  3. Be flexible with the fulfillment of the goals that you did not reach in 2020
  4. Determine if your motivations for those goals are still valid or if there are new ones
  5. Develop critical skills in areas of your work that underwent significant changes
  6. The future of work, understand the permanent changes that are going to take place in your workplace
  7. Collaborate and learn from your team members, today you have the opportunity to work with up to 5 different teams
  8. Finding support at the personal, team and organizational level
  9. Value the process and not just the final goal. With the experience I have gained, what little thing can I do today to help me reach my goal?
  10. Recognize the things you can control and manage, focus on them.

Keep hope and keep fighting for your dreams, stay present, accept reality, remember that it is something transitory that is demanding an additional effort to adapt and survive.

Behave in a positive way, trust your resilience. Remember those difficulties that you have already overcome, put creativity into it when you have to solve a challenge, motivate those things that help you improve your current quality of life (for example, I like to dance or bake bread on weekends).

It is usual to start the first months with expectations, enthusiasm and the commitment to fulfill the proposed purposes, without a doubt this year was different. However, it is important to take into account that as in any crisis, what you are experiencing is transitory, at some point it will pass.

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