Google Travel now allows hotels to appear for free in booking links

This means that they will not have to pay the search engine for the transactions made by travelers.

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March 12, 2021 3 min read

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Thinking ahead , Google introduced the new policy of its travel platform , Google Travel , for hotels and travel companies to appear for free on booking links.

This means that the beneficiaries will not have to pay the search engine for the transactions carried out by travelers.

Now users will be able to explore, flights, hotels and vacations, and will have the opportunity to reserve and pay for their accommodation from the platform of the technology company without this implying a cost per transaction for the hotels or places that travelers choose for their accommodation.

All of this seems to be aimed at boosting the tourism industry once travel is safe again. In a statement the company explained that when travel is resumed it will be essential that people can find the information they need to easily contact online travel agencies.

The multinational company explains that they have long helped travelers find accommodation by offering hotel booking links through Hotel Ads, and that both users and partners have found it quite useful.

For this reason they are now “enhancing this experience” by allowing hotels and travel companies around the world to appear for free on these booking links, starting this week of March 9th.

“For all hotels and travel companies, this change provides a new, free way to reach potential customers. For advertisers, free booking links can extend the reach of existing Hotel Ads campaigns, ”Google explains in the statement .

Who will be the beneficiaries of this new Google Travel strategy?

Those who already participate in the Hotel Pricing API and its advertisements do not need to take any additional action to appear on the free booking links. Likewise, they comment that any hotel or travel company is eligible to participate in through their Hotel Center account.

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