How This Company Is Using FamTech to Change the Corporate Landscape for Working Moms and Dads

The founder and CEO of Villyge shares how her company is helping working parents (and their employers) thrive.

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25, 2021

1 min read

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Debi Yadegari wants to build a better future for working parents. As the founder and CEO of Villyge, the mother of five and former investment banking lawyer says she created an employer-paid business-to-business solution to help moms and dads thrive in the workplace. Her company connects employees with career coaches, parenting specialists and wellness experts while providing employers with the infrastructure they need to create parent-friendly work cultures that improve the management and productivity of family leave and working parents. 

Yadegari sat down with Jessica Abo to discuss how she is using FamTech to reduce employee-employer friction and remove the onus on human resources to create cultural change that, in turn, decreases litigation, increases retention and improves employee productivity. 

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