How to overcome mental health during the pandemic?

As we all know, COVID-19 hit not only specific areas but all countries got affected by it. This pandemic is still impacting people’s mental health to a greater extent. Covid-19 has negative impacts on the lives of people resulting in numerous mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and nervous breakdown. They are the leading cause of deteriorating mental health. Here are some ways to overcome mental health in this pandemic;

Stay in touch with people:

During this isolation period, try to stay in touch with people who care about you through video calls, voice calls, or text messages. Whenever you feel down, play online games with them. It will help a lot by engaging you in mental activity. You can also plan a meet-up with friends and family along with social distancing. Connecting with people makes you feel that you are not alone in this pandemic.

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Think positive and feel happy:

Having full command of your thought is a great blessing. The mental health in pandemic mainly damaged due to negative thoughts because of isolation. Try to feel fresh and find happiness in little things. Think about the positive impact of everything. Surround yourself with positive people. Find inspiration and practice gratitude. Take some time to write down the things that you are most grateful for. You will feel positive, blessed, and happy.

Limited your media and information source:

You have heard that excess of everything is bad, the same is the case here. Most of the mental health in pandemic got affected due to excessive hearing updates about covid-19 cases. 24-hours of news and updates can make you feel more worried. You may feel anxiety by hearing the news. Limit your social media and information time and set time to check the news. Do other things, you will feel that you are living a different and best life.

Read books and magazines:

Books are a great source of knowledge and broaden our perspective of thinking. During this Pandemic, mental health can be maintained by reading books, magazines, and journals. Reading books really helps to cope with stress and anxiety. New thoughts occupy the mind of the reader and build self-esteem. You read about different things and get lessons and solutions. Try to read about the things you love and make it a habit. You will feel more intelligent and clear in thinking. 

Set your daily routine:

Every day is important in our lives so how we spend it, it’s up to us. The daily routine of our lives is deeply disturbed due to covid-19 breakdown. If you want to have good and well mental health, set your daily routine. Think about the things, you actually want to do. Engage yourself in meaningful and useful activities to live the best life even in this pandemic. Divide work and set their timings on a weekly or daily basis. Try new things that have a positive impact. You will feel motivated towards life.

Find emotional support:     

In this pandemic, people have to live in isolation for maintaining social distancing so there is less interaction with others resulting in depression and anxiety. In depression, life feels overwhelmingly bleak and hopeless. If you want to overcome mental health, try to find anyone close to you. It can be your family member, friend, or anyone other. Talk to them about your worries and how you feel and what is going on, in your life because sharing is caring and it decreases anxiety and stress level.

Look after yourself:

Maintaining physical and mental health in this pandemic is a very important task for everyone facing this situation. Mental health in pandemic along with physical health impacted badly. Staying inside and eating unhealthy food, will make you fat and other health problems. Try to eat a healthy and balanced meal. Drink water and do some exercise inside. Try to maintain a regular sleep cycle and avoid screen before sleeping.


Mental health is a really important thing during this pandemic. It can be maintained by taking care of physical as well as mental health. How you are taking care of yourself and living the best life? Kindly share your views and ideas with us below:

Stay happy, positive and enjoy🙂

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