How to Restart Your Sex Drive after 60

Sex is a natural way of life, and it can be enjoyed even when you’re older — Read on to learn How to Restart Your Sex Drive after 60.

As we grow older, we may find sex less and less satisfying. But this is usually because of the physical health changes that come with aging.

Women past menopause experience vaginal dryness, which makes sex painful. Many elderly men often struggle with impotence or erectile dysfunction. These problems don’t only cause troubles during intercourse. They can also discourage couples to give sex another try.

increase your happy hormones

The good news is that these issues can be remedied. In fact, the pros of sex outweigh the cons that come with it among the elderly. Read this article to learn more about the amazing benefits of sex in later life and how to revive the intimacy in your relationship.

How Sex Will Keep You Young at Heart

#1) Promotes happy hormones

Sex isn’t only pleasurable; it makes you feel good. This is because the body releases “happy hormones” oxytocin and endorphins during sexual activity.

Oxytocin does more than trigger orgasms. A rise in oxytocin levels is also known to relieve pain, which is beneficial especially to seniors that may already struggle with chronic pain in their body.

4 Ways that Older Adults Can Lead a More Energetic Lifestyle

This is also the case with endorphins, which have a similar effect to morphine. Ever wonder how a “runner’s high” occurs? This happens because the body releases endorphins after a great exercise.

Seniors can consider sex as “working out” and get the euphoric benefit of it. Win-win!

#2) Keeps you physically fit

Sexual activity can be considered a mild to moderate exercise in terms of intensity. In fact, it burns five calories a minute, which is four times more than watching TV. This is good news for seniors who may not have the time or the strength to work out or exercise.

Going on the treadmill can be strenuous, especially for the elderly with underlying heart conditions. So, does sex also put a strain on the heart?

You can do a simple test at home, which is to walk up two or three flights of stairs. If you can do it without difficulty, then sex is a go. However, it is still best to consult a medical professional about it.

#3) Lowers your risk of diseases

There have been many studies that an active sex life may lower the risk of certain diseases, such as a heart attack and prostate cancer.

There is a notion that sex may trigger a heart attack, but the risk is only very minimal. In fact, those that are physically active and hit the mattress frequently have a lower risk.

Meanwhile, the National Cancer Institute has found out that having frequent orgasms has lowered the prostate cancer risk among men from ages 46 to 81.

#4) Strengthens the relationship

The years together can create a gap between couples, and sex is a great way to fill in that chasm. Sex promotes intimacy that can revive even decades-old relationships.

Good sex isn’t only about penetration. Elderly adults that may already be physically incapable of doing the act “as it should be done” can instead focus on tenderness and physical touch. Even the warmth of one’s embrace can keep their partner satisfied—and may even kick off the mood for amazing sex afterward.

#5) Increases your lifespan

With all the benefits sex brings to the table, it’s safe to say an active sex life adds years to your lifespan. Sex allows seniors to stretch their muscles, keep diseases at bay, and work on their emotional relationships with their partners.

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Apart from all that, sex just makes people happy. And having a source of happiness is especially important for seniors, who often have to live with their spouses or in a facility away from their families and past lives.

3 Tips to Maintain Sexual Health Past 60

#1) Talk to your doctor

No matter what age, it’s important to keep your desire for intimacy. Seniors that find it difficult to do so may be suffering from a medical condition, so it’s important to involve a doctor in such issues.

Opening up to a medical professional about sex issues, especially among the elderly, can be embarrassing. Sometimes, most people worry about what others would think. But sex is a completely normal part of life, whether you’re 20 or 60.

Doctors will be able to diagnose their sexual dysfunction and prescribe the right medications and treatments to counter them.

#2) Get help from medical devices

Today, seniors suffering from sexual dysfunction can benefit a lot from medical devices. Men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) can use a vacuum constriction device (VCD) to get and keep an erection. A VCD acts as an external pump that draws blood into the shaft to help the penis become erect.

Women who are experiencing vaginal dryness can get help using a silicone vaginal dilator or vaginal trainer. This device is inserted into the vagina to allow it to stretch in preparation for sex. This helps decrease the pain of penetration during sex, especially for women undergoing menopause.

Vaginal dilators come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s best to consult a medical expert to determine the best device for you.

#3) Communicate with your partner

One of the things that can create a rift between elderly couples is the lack of communication. Sometimes, not talking about each other’s condition can cause both to abort any thoughts of sex, only because they think they are the problem.

It’s best for seniors to let their partner know how they feel about sex and what makes them feel good, whether it’s a sex position or a body part they want to be touched or avoided.

Getting your worries out there can help eliminate emotional obstacles and low self-esteem. In return, it provides reassurance that both partners will be able to get through the hurdles together.
Keep the Flame Burning

Who says sex is only for the young?

Sex is a natural way of life, and it can be enjoyed even when you’re older. With the right tips and pieces of advice, anyone can reap the amazing benefits of an active sex life even when you’re past your prime.

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