Infographic: 5 steps to overcome the January slope

During the first month of the year, most should buckle up. Follow these tips to stabilize your economy and start the year well.

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The ideal thing for your economy would be not to collapse the budget with the end of the year holidays and avoid making unnecessary purchases. But, if you already did, now you will have to be more careful with expenses during the rest of the year; Above all, deal with your debts and prevent them from becoming an irreparable “headache”.

For this reason, we recommend you start by making a list of all the debts that you will have to pay during 2021 and divide your salary or your earnings considering each one of them. This way you will get out faster and they will not spread throughout the year.

If you see yourself very overwhelmed and you cannot cover all your debts, go to your bank and see the possibility of extending the term of some of your payments for a few more months. That way you won’t be so tight.

Also, try this month to postpone any purchase that is not necessary or “urgent”, until you have paid most of them, otherwise you will never finish paying. In addition, here are some recommendations to overcome the January slope , both at home and in your business. Take note:

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