Irrational Thoughts Can Reveal These 7 Mental Health Disorders

Other Psychotic Disorders:

Other related disorders have delusions and reality disruptions as a common theme. They include schizotypal, delusional, and brief psychotic disorders. Since they are so similar, it requires an experienced mental health professional to diagnose them correctly.

4. Paranoid Personality Disorders

Negative self-talk can wreak havoc on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. People who have irrational thoughts about their self-worth may develop a paranoid personality disorder. For these diagnosed patients, the whole world is “out to get them.”

Paranoia changes the patient’s perception of what’s happening or what others have to say. They misinterpret everything as a threat or something evil. They will often avoid any socialization for fear of someone hurting them. Often, they believe that aliens, real government agencies, or fictional ones like the Illuminati are following them.

5. Avoidant Personality Disorders

Have you ever seen people who are socially awkward and always seem like a wallflower at parties? Their condition may go beyond shyness. People diagnosed with avoidant personality disorders listen to irrational thoughts and believe they are inferior to everyone else.

Even though they are usually intelligent, people with this disorder are always speaking negatively about themselves. They miss out on the joys of life and meeting other extraordinary people because they think they aren’t “good enough.”

6. Narcissistic Personality Disorders

The flip side of avoidant personality is the narcissist or person diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder. Their irrational thoughts make them believe that they are superior to everyone else and are above social rules.

If you’ve ever known people with this disorder, you understand how difficult they are in professional or personal relationships. Narcissists often use people to their advantage and will do just about anything to make themselves look good.

Unfortunately, they often target people with avoidant personalities and will create abuse, toxic relationships. It’s challenging to treat narcissistic personality disorders because those affected are delusionally thought they are perfect.

7. Borderline Personality Disorder

This is another severe mental illness that includes irrational thought patterns and delusions. According to an article published by the Mayo Clinic, BPD affects how people think about themselves and others. Those diagnosed with BPD usually have a debilitating fear of abandonment, which causes erratic thoughts and behaviors.

Ironically, they fear being left alone, yet violent mood swings drive others away, says the article. People with BPD usually have self-talk that is destructive to their self-worth and esteem. They will listen to intrusive thoughts and try to shift their identity, values, and goals.

Since they have extreme separation anxiety, people with BPD will often latch on to a person as a “security blanket.” At first, they may consider their chosen person as flawless, and they can’t live without them. Unfortunately, their mood can shift, and they can start to hate this person with a passion.

Understandably, this mental illness doesn’t allow people to have any meaningful relationships. Their ever-changing moods lead to risky behaviors and compulsions like gambling, substance abuse, and dangerous promiscuity.

Although Borderline Personality Disorder can often be challenging to treat because of the patient’s mindset, it can be done. A combination of anti-psych medications and different therapeutic approaches can be helpful. This disease is incurable, but mental health intervention may help patients have fewer symptoms to have a better life.

irrational thoughts

Just because you have a fleeting thought that’s irrational doesn’t mean you’re mentally ill. However, when these thoughts are chronically invading your mind and creating chaos in your life, it’s time to talk to a mental health provider. With their help, you can restructure your thought patterns and retake control of your life.

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