Marcus Dantus joins this company to provide more opportunities to Mexican entrepreneurs

Startup México became a strategic commercial ally of Credijusto to finance businesses in the acceleration stage.

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19, 2021

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Marcus Dantus from Startup México joins the fintech Credijusto with the aim of enhancing the opportunities of Mexican entrepreneurs. Through this alliance, they will offer tools that range from consulting to funding a business loan.

The health crisis has had devastating effects in the economic and social sphere, and SMEs were especially affected: 73% decreased their income, for 47% the demand fell, and most of them saw the need to reduce staff and minimize both remuneration and benefits. The result: more than a million small and medium-sized companies —21% of the total— closed permanently in the last year, and 23% closed temporarily.

For this reason, the strategic alliance between these two companies seeks to advise and provide financial solutions to small and medium-sized companies in the country. The loans they will grant range from 200,000 to 30 million Mexican pesos with personalized interest rates and terms of up to four years.

“One of the main problems that SMEs and entrepreneurs are experiencing today is the difficulty in accessing credit, which today is even more necessary, especially after a crisis such as the pandemic that we have just experienced; After searching and studying different financial institutions, we are inclined to make an alliance with Credijusto, since for us it represents the best option for both its services and products, to support these businesses to obtain loans that allow them a speedy recovery and growth through future”; commented Marcus Dantus, CEO and founder of Startup México.

Credijusto is a fintech that has been supported and financed by equity banks such as Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, and in recent years has focused on offering financial products such as credit, secured and unsecured, leasing and factoring for companies.

“Joining efforts with Marcus, who has a great vision of creating opportunities and promoting the growth of companies in Mexico aligns and reinforces the principles of Credijusto, where through personalized advice and financing we seek to be a financial ally for entrepreneurs. Together we want to accelerate the growth and success of the entrepreneurs of the future ”, said Allan Apoj Pascal, co-CEO and co-founder of Credijusto.

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