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The last year has been particularly challenging, but also rewarding for many women, who, amid high levels of stress and work, have learned to make the best of every situation.

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February 12, 2021 2 min read

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The last year has been particularly challenging, but also rewarding for many of us, who, amid high levels of stress and work, have learned to make the best of every situation, overcome our barriers and even break our schemes.

The pandemic has hit thousands of businesses, but statistics show that the female population has borne the worst, having more stress and concerns derived from economic and food insecurity. In addition to a greater workload and domestic violence.

Three million women left the labor market and 1.3 million lost the income collected from their ventures, according to INEGI. And although we do not have official figures, there are not a few women who in the midst of this chaos have managed to transform their businesses or find a new opportunity in entrepreneurial activity.

This edition is just a sample of women entrepreneurs who have reinvented themselves during the last year. Zaira Zepeda, CEO of Local Trendy, a company specializing in the rental and setting of social and corporate events, says that the key to achieving this has been creativity, resilience and determination. In that I think you are right, women are like that by nature, although sometimes we do not believe that we are capable of achieving the unimaginable.

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Another of the great lessons is the strengthening of our support networks. Thanks to technology we have shortened distances and we have the opportunity to contact businesswomen who are even on other continents and who seek to pave, with their experience, the path of the women who come behind. And this help is not only in business, but also in the personal and emotional sphere.

Recently Jasive Fernández, founder of Niza México, whose case you can find in the February edition of Entrepreneur’s e-magazine (mag21) , told me that “for visionaries, success is not a surprise”. I invite you to these stories to help you visualize your goals, to put a form and an expiration date.

Review everything you have achieved so far on your social and business path. You will surely be pleasantly surprised. Michelle Obama says that “the only limit to the height of your achievements is the scope of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.” I agree, there really are no limits.

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