Store raises the price of the plates so that you do NOT give them away on Mother’s Day

“Mention that it is not to give to your mommy and you take it at the normal price,” says the store.

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5, 2021

3 min read

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In the middle of 2021 there are still people who think that giving an appliance on Mother’s Day is a good idea, if you don’t ask any mom (they have horror stories). A store called Lady Lee in Honduras, realized this and decided to do something about it.

In a post on Facebook , the Lady Lee store promoted its My Mommy Deserves the Best campaign, displaying the “offer” of an iron.

The normal price of the item is 195 thousand Honduran lempiras (about 16 thousand Mexican pesos), with the “offer” it rises to 24,999 thousand Honduran lempiras (just over 20 thousand Mexican pesos) accompanied by the message: ” We raise the price so that do not give it to your mother in her day ”.

Image: Lady Lee Honduras, Facebook

Plus, it encourages shoppers to choose something else from your store. “Better choose from thousands of other options in our store that make her happier.”

Lady Lee even amplified the campaign with a tiktok about it: ” No to clothes irons, yes to hair irons for mom!”


Do not lose the elegance, Lady Lee has for you all the curling irons and hair straighteners at special prices. #LaFina #Diva #Foryou #parati #fyp

original sound – Lady Lee Honduras

The post already has more than 9 thousand reactions and 10 thousand shares.

How to buy the perfect gift for mom?

Please, let’s stop calling moms “the queen of the home.” Housework should be shared by all family members and by giving away an appliance we are only perpetuating gender roles. Women do not belong in the kitchen or in the home.

Unless she explicitly asks you to want an air fryer, give your mom or partner something that she can use and enjoy, not a household item. Think about their tastes and hobbies, so you will find the perfect gift. Here are some gadget ideas for the millennial mom .

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