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A mom is a whole universe. Mothers are the ones who give us the tools to discover life, many times they know all our secrets and they are the ones who will always be there for us no matter the circumstances.

A mother’s love is infinite and although we reciprocate every day, for this Mother’s Day we want to share five books that Scribd recommended to us to make them feel special:

1) Mothers and Daughters in History: From Agrippinas to Curies Discover nine of the most incredible mother-daughter stories of all time. The author María Pilar Queralt del Hierro analyzes in depth the mysterious and close relationship that exists in brotherly love between two women of the same generation.

2) A gin and tonic for mom. Diary of an Overflowing Mother : Welcome to the world of the pages of Gill Sims, a unique writer with a great emotional insight on current affairs. In this novel, Sims makes it clear that being a mother is not easy and wrote a faithful portrait of the modern woman surrounded by responsibilities, adversities and frustrations.

3) Little fleeting fires everywhere: Have you ever heard that a mother’s love moves more than mountains? This is the story of Mia Warren, a single mother who, despite having hundreds of ghosts from the past that haunt her to this day, will demonstrate the strength of her maternal instinct.

4) Fierce attachments : there is no person who has let us see as much of the intimacy of his heart in his memories as Vivian Gornick. On very few occasions has literature given us an author who allows us to explore the emotional ties of the relationship with her mother as in this spectacular book.

5) Disobedient Mom : Mothers are everything and that includes a strong warrior. Through a feminist point, this essay delves into the role of the mother in society and how women have had to fight against the stigmas that surround motherhood. It’s a title that makes us wonder how difficult it is to be a mother, even in modern times.

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