The 5 questions that can determine the hiring of a vacancy according to LinkedIn

Recruiters may not ask just one question, but they will certainly need to consider one of these next time, as what the answers reveal will be invaluable.

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21, 2021

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Let’s imagine that the interviews were of a single question in which the decision to hire you or not fell. It would seem impossible, however for each organization there is usually a “magic question” that helps them to define if a candidate will be the right one.

LinkedIn interviewed some leaders and collected the most unexpected questions that, according to these, reveal everything you need to know about a person. Recruiters may not ask just one question, but they will certainly need to consider one of these next time, as what the answers reveal will be invaluable.

1. “Tell me about your family”

Asking about the family can reveal whether the candidate has the right attitude for the team. Attitude is one of the most important aspects of the character of a collaborator. A key aspect of knowing people’s attitudes is getting them to talk about their family. Being positive and having energy are extremely important to a successful career, and this question gives interviewees a chance to open up about their lives while revealing the attitude with which they generally display. It’s not just about building a capable team with employees with a positive attitude, but about avoiding introducing a negative element into the team since a bad addition with a bad attitude can drastically change the energy of an entire team.

Maybe not all recruiters ask this question, but emphasizing a person’s level of optimism is very effective, so other questions that point to the same can be how did they stay positive during a difficult situation? the pandemic, or simply ask them if they consider themselves optimistic.

2. Tell me a story

The recruiter who asks the applicant to tell a story seeks to get an idea of the creative thinking and values of the person. For a brand it is essential to tell stories and create new worlds, so this question is ideal for work in creative areas. However, any other question that tests a candidate’s stance toward a company’s work culture will serve this purpose. The stories of each candidate demonstrate their ability to generate new ideas which is an indicator of success in any role.

This approach appeals directly to the values of a company and any candidate can be asked this question, regardless of whether the role they aspire to is in the creative or even administrative areas, as many of the best ideas have originated from such departments. unusual like finance.

The stories of each candidate demonstrate their ability to generate new ideas which is an indicator of success in any role / Image:

3. What activities make you lose track of time?

We all have at least one passion in life, which is so intense that it keeps us working through the night without feeling bored or overloaded. Finding out what drives candidates to this state of mind is key to determining whether they are goal-oriented people and therefore the right person for the company or position. This is linked to the difficult task of recruiting in search of purpose , those candidates who want to be in your organization to achieve bigger goals that are not just salary . Regardless of the role, each position serves a purpose and this purpose must be connected to the ultimate goal of the organization. This question is intended to find answers that show passion that can be aligned with the company’s mission. Another way to get this information is to ask candidates directly what their greatest passion is or what makes them wake up in the morning.

4. Why shouldn’t we hire you?

A question that almost no one expects and that can take anyone out of the script that they have spent days rehearsing. The point of asking this is to notice how the more experienced candidates react, as it is normal for many to master the classic interview questions. Asking something like this can trigger something authentic and revealing about the applicant and get away from the overused question “ what are your weaknesses? ”Which leads to self-congratulatory responses.

Generally people who are honest about their limitations possess the element of humility that characterizes a good team member with whom they can work.

5. How would you measure your own performance?

If we hire you, how would we know that you are doing a good job? It is an unusual question that puts candidates in a difficult position to determine their own performance and this will reveal the level of maturity of the candidate and whether or not this is a high-level performer. It will also let you see if the candidate is comfortable being measured. The filter is responses from non-critical metrics like “get to work early,” while those who respond with true metrics like sales quotas or customer satisfaction scores will find they are eager to test their skills.

Today’s leaders seek to really know what the strengths and character of their prospects are and recommend moving away from the usual script and although these questions are very different, almost all focus on looking for the same qualities, in addition to skipping the clichés and resumes to make the candidate think in the moment and open up. Achieving this in an interview will be a window into your personality, strengths, and character.

* Among the leaders surveyed were characters from large ventures, companies like Disney, and projects like Shark Tank.

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