The Work From Home Survival Checklist

As we reemerge from (or stay put in) the endless home office that was 2020, here are eight easy adjustments to make note of.

February 4, 2021 3 min read

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Already adjusted to the office environment that is 2021?

There remains so-obvious-you-missed-them boxes to check as we stare at the country’s clock and wait to see how this yearlong workday ends. 

Herein lies a ridiculously simple To Do list of the tools you need to purchase, and the tactics you need to deploy, throughout the relentlessly interesting months ahead.  


The power of five? Today it’s more like the power of fifty. Who are you following and keeping in touch with? Now, more than ever, your net worth is determined by your network.


If a year’s worth of computers-on-our-couches has taught us anything? It does not matter where you sit. Do you have an automated follow-up system to nurture prospects? If the answer is “yes”? Then wherever your current workspace is, it’s well begun and therefore half done.

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Have you blocked out your time? Can you easily, and virtually, snag someone to set up a last minute appointment with? Make structured meetings happen via a streamlined and well-proven calendar app. 


You are going to be on camera whether it’s through Zoom, , or . Sell the product that is your person professionally via quality bulbs that, quite literally, present yourself in the best light.

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Virtual banking

Make it easy to receive payments, automate your taxes and accounting with SaaS-based software.

Fast computers

Apart from large multi-screens (a must), you need a turbo-charged laptop when running videos, multi-tasking and .

Social media automation

Ten years ago it would take a web developer a month to build a website. Now, with apologies to Dominoes, it can be delivered in thirty minutes or less. Social Media Planning used to be a time-consuming chore. These days you can, and should, easily schedule your content for (at least) a month in advance using the latest tools available.

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“How many people are working for you?” This was a question peers judged your success with in the past. Today’s sad-but-true equivalent: “How many bots are serving customers?”. 

It all encompasses our new like-it-or-not reality, even if said reality is often…and by the above definition…virtual. 

The office of the future remains uncertain, but there’s always obvious boxes to check, while we wait and see how this yearlong workday ends. 


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