These 21 Projects Drove Mexico's Sustainable Development Goals in 2020

For 10 years, makesense has mobilized more than 200,000 citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to carry out socio-environmental impact projects worldwide.

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February 3, 2021 4 min read

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Despite a 2020 with many economic and health difficulties, makesense , an organization that designs social and environmental impact programs, had a positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. It did so through the development of 21 programs in Mexico on entrepreneurship, health, education, violence and gender equality, water care, promotion of clean energy and climate change.

Working together with three groups: citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations, makesense made possible the development of social impact projects:

1. Entrepreneurs: In this category, eight initiatives were promoted on the protection of nature and the environment, violence and gender perspective, economic inclusion and education, granting seed capital and accompaniment by experts in the acceleration of ventures. The projects were:

  • For the Agua x Nosotros project, in alliance with Rotoplas, water solutions were sought for people with difficulties in accessing water resources.
  • In alliance with the Cemex-Tec 2020 Award, social and environmental entrepreneurs who work to transform their communities were strengthened.

  • Through the Innovatón: Nosotrxs en Acción, in partnership with Google, sought to bridge the gender gap by rewarding the best projects .

  • During Hackaton 2020, it contributed to reducing the effects on the gender perspective in times of COVID-19.

  • makesense in alliance with   Kering Foundation Award strengthened Las Panas, an enterprise that fights against violence against women and girls.

  • In Ideathon Fincluye Citibanamex solutions were created to face the challenges of the new reality that our country faces due to COVID-19.

  • The G7 Boost Program contributed to the development of social and environmental enterprises to face the economic crisis in the sector.

  • In collaboration with Enseña por México, they sought to promote entrepreneurship projects in the education sector.

Photo: Courtesy makesense

2. Organizations: In this section, makesense supported six programs in partnership with companies to promote socio-environmental innovation within some of the most important corporations in Mexico:

  • Together with Veolia, socio-environmental impact initiatives were promoted that create solutions in the circular economy, social fabric, water and sanitation, among others. In addition, internal innovation was promoted with employees.

  • With Aeroméxico, the volunteer program with training in innovation methodology was strengthened.

  • In collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), it was possible to implement six projects of internal innovation, strategic communication, change management and design of tools for the bank in Mexico and Central America.

  • Through Tesobe, support was given to carrying out a pilot project to establish Open Banking standards in the regulation of banks in Mexico.

  • Through Nescafé and Dolce Gusto, inspiration sessions were held for the teams with the aim of introducing them to the Sustainable Development and Social Business Goals.

  • In conjunction with the Global Compact, a virtual closing session was held for the participants of the “Young Innovators for the SDGs” program.

3. Citizens: In this makesense space, through seven programs it helped all those citizens with creative and innovative ideas who, as agents of change, want to generate solutions to the country’s problems:

  • Through the Yo x los ODS project, 50 young people from the SDSN Youth network were trained in skills and innovation methodologies to comply with the 2030 Agenda.
  • With makesense TV a virtual community of 61 meetings was organized to share knowledge and inspiration in a free and massive way.
  • Through the annual sense_camp 2020 festival, with more than 500 attendees from different Latin American countries, sustainable initiatives were promoted.
  • Through the Active Citizens social leadership program, active citizens from around the world were received to invite them to meet impact projects in Mexico to be inspired and build a global community.
  • In alliance with EPI Energía, a virtual course of 6 sessions was implemented to sensitize young people about the importance of moving towards an inclusive energy sector.
  • Through the re_acción program, concrete actions were carried out to solve the problems caused by COVID-19, supporting 10 NGOs and mobilizing 30 groups of volunteers.

  • In community with Chevening Alumni, an event was organized to support scholarship applicants to resolve their doubts with people who had previously won the scholarship.

For 10 years, makesense has promoted 200,000 citizens mobilized in impact projects, 8,000 entrepreneurship initiatives accompanied in seven countries, and 10,000 collaborators of companies and organizations committed to transformation at a global level, through meetings and events digitally and face-to-face to solve specific problems in their communities.

Likewise, in Mexico City we have worked to promote and regenerate the urban social fabric for a sustainable metropolis, developing water projects (increasing levels of environmental health), mobility (preventing and reducing CO2 emissions), clean energy ( improving service and energy supply), urban design (promoting environmental conservation), sustainable food (promoting a diet that does not harm the environment), responsible consumption (offering ethical products and services) and social fabric (creating valuable human relationships) .

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