This 2021, gyms will bet on a hybrid model to survive

Due to the pandemic, one of the most affected sectors has been the gyms. And although many closed during 2020, others chose to establish a hybrid model that allows them to continue operating.

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January 19, 2021 2 min read

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One of the businesses most affected by the health crisis has been that of gyms . According to the data provided by the Mexican Association of Gymnasiums and Clubs (AMEGYC) , it is estimated that 20% of the gyms that existed before the pandemic in the country (12,500) were closed . And although others managed to survive, each one has suffered losses equivalent to one million pesos a month.

Another drawback that gyms have had to deal with has been restrictions. And it is that, according to reports, users canceled their subscriptions due to uncertainty and they are not clear about the opening and closing hours. For its part, the prohibition of cardio activities has also brought negative consequences.

So far, 20% of the gyms that existed before the pandemic in the country have closed /

Therefore, for this 2021, many Mexican gyms have opted to transform their traditional business model to a hybrid one. In other words, the service will be maintained with the capacity recommended by the authorities of the Government of Mexico and, at the same time, there will be a greater effort so that the gyms are aware of the users in a virtual way and without neglecting the personalized attention. Some of the services already offered by online gyms are

  • Classes every day through live broadcasts of yoga, pilates, high intensity and GAP (glutes, abs and legs)
  • 24/7 training
  • Nutritional and training plans

It is worth mentioning that, given the variations that the epidemiological traffic light presents in the country, another great challenge will be trying to maintain costs because, in addition to the fact that income is being scarce, gyms have had to invest to comply with the required safety protocols in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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