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February 15, 2021 3 min read

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The world of finance is being upended. While Redditors drive hedge funds into bankruptcy, there’s an undeniable new tenor taking hold in 2021. Ordinary people are sick of being on the outside looking in at the barely legal market manipulation and sweetheart investment deals that were once reserved only for the ultra-rich. But while the Reddit thread, r/wallstreetbets, is making waves right now, Caliber has been democratizing alternative investment pathways like real estate for much longer.

Entrepreneurs, perhaps more so than the average person, are always looking out for a great investment opportunity. Typically, regular investors keep a portfolio of stocks and bonds, but those traditional packages exclude them from potentially lucrative alternative investments, especially in real estate. Caliber works to give individuals access to sophisticated, private real estate investments that have been traditionally reserved for the uber-wealthy or institutions. 

Caliber takes their lead from famous investors like David Swenson, manager of the Yale Endowment Fund, who has found that alternative investment in real estate can lead to better risk-adjusted returns and a more stable portfolio. The distressed real estate market offers significant investment opportunities, so Caliber’s full-service real estate investment company gives investors attractive early investments that haven’t yet hit the market.

Caliber’s business model works like this. They build investment funds, raise capital from investors, deploy that raised capital in real estate brokerages, transform those assets through development and construction management revenue, manage the assets through the life cycle, then share investor profits through distributions, selling or refinancing assets, and generating more capital via reinvestment.

When you invest in Caliber, you own a piece of every service they provide, and as they grow from 1,000 accredited investors to serving tens of thousands nationwide, the assets they manage grow from $400 million into billions. Your ownership can allow you to enjoy the benefit of that growth and scale, even if you know absolutely nothing about real estate.

Caliber offers ordinary people the tools to become investment insiders and benefit from a rapidly growing market. That’s why it has been named one of Inc 5000’s fastest-growing companies for seven years straight. It’s heading rapidly toward IPO – now is your chance to invest. Owning stock in Caliber allows you to reap the benefits of all of its services, including potential profits from high net-worth investors and a real estate portfolio, and gives you the chance to earn even more at IPO.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile, potentially lucrative investment that you can’t find on Fidelity Investments, here’s your chance. Head over to Caliber’s website now to find out how to invest.

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