Two Stages Every Entrepreneur Goes Through Before Becoming a Success

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Every time we start a project or a new path, we expect the best results , without counting or evaluating the probable ones (they are probable and in fact necessary) obstacles that are going to be presented to us along the way, difficulties that will undoubtedly forge character in each of us and will shield us from life itself.

Now, do we really know what it means to be successful? Do we really know when we achieve the goal? It is almost impossible, we normally attribute success to fame and money, to worldwide recognition for an activity or achievement, in fact, the word success is increasingly used in high performance sports and in entrepreneurs with highly productive companies or, failing that, those in charge of very high positions in recognized companies such as, for example, Apple or Microsoft, who rarely show sacrifice, but who all applaud each new product.

But success, without a doubt, must go further, it is impossible that after so much struggle and effort, the long-awaited summit is only a mountain of recognitions and goods, material and superficial things that will never give a true feeling of fulfillment. , if they are complete, in the face of what the greatest achievement of your life can mean. Are you really just waiting for money after such a long time and to be asked for a photo?

Lie! You have been struggling all your life to achieve it, to reach the point of no return in your goals and ideals and suddenly you only achieve that apparently, success is being a millionaire and famous , despite being able to find yourself totally alone and not even know the half of the people who talk so much about you, mainly wanting to be like you.

This happens because you have not really achieved success, you are not at the top of the mountain yet and it is necessary that you keep climbing, or failing that, that you begin to open your eyes to realize that what you have sought so much was closer to. what you thought and gave more laps than necessary.

Patience. That is a key word in this type of process in which time and effort seem eternal compared to the rewards, those that you never see coming, but it is precisely because of waiting too long, for doing things in search of too great a benefit. , always in exchange for minimal effort. That is precisely what is wrong with this, wanting to obtain riches and treasures without throwing yourself into the sea in search of them.

Achieving a goal is not easy, in fact, the effort required to achieve dreams is always subject to many variables that arise along the way and is what makes us understand from the beginning that success is not immediate, that it takes time. , a long process that must be forged based on work and patience.

Before knowing success, you will go through two very important and unavoidable stages in our life, which are growth and internal evolution, the first, an unavoidable stage, the second, a need to be just what we want.

1. Growth

This stage of our life is undoubtedly life itself. We are born small, too small and defenseless in the face of an increasingly complicated and evolving world that eats us up in any carelessness.

As during our childhood, we very much want to grow up to be adults and finally (according to that innocent perspective) to do whatever we want at any time. Achieving success entails a period of anxiety and despair that is very difficult to control, which undoubtedly leads us to make hasty decisions on many occasions.

Patience is a fundamental part, since success is not immediate and, like our growth, involves a natural process that demands effort, blows and successes that make up the necessary learning to achieve the objective and once there, face the new responsibilities of properly.

2. Internal evolution

When we decide to undertake in certain areas or projects, we look for objectives that many times, we do not draw up an adequate plan, and we do not give an optimal follow-up for adequate results.

The same thing happens with our being, if we do not take into account our spiritual cultivation and internal growth, it will be useless to reach the peak in a day or in a century, because the really important thing is not to arrive, but to remain, rather than to be. the best moment is to always remain among the best, to endure among those who with fullness, peace and tranquility, achieved their goals.

Knowing this, success begins to disperse like that figure in which money, yachts, luxuries surround us, which are not bad, but which are useless given the emptiness of the room in place, in the absence of muses that allow us to improve, even when we can already be the best.

It is important to know that trying to speed things up can only generate abrupt drops in the progress we have been making, even those we have already achieved, we can completely destroy our work of years.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, be successful, take your accounts to higher limits, feel complete and shout to the world that the idea of filling the planet with a stable and saving project came from your ingenuity, you should also know that everything comes in due course, that only fatigue remains from the rush and that in patience lies the greatest treasure for the human being, that knowing how to wait will never burn time and that only by recognizing that you are not ready yet, will you then be ready to receive the reward for which you have fought, without more shortcuts, without more exits, you are already there, now it is your turn to continue and improve, to be able to stay.

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