Entrepreneur, did you run out of energy? 4 phrases that will give it back to you

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I never imagined what the word entrepreneur implies in those 4 syllables. Being an entrepreneur requires ingenuity , fearlessness, courage, vision, and mental strength .

An entrepreneur is a person who identifies a need or opportunity and develops it to be able to promote a company, factory or own business and sometimes, with a society.

There are those who decide to undertake from their own trench, but there are also corporate entrepreneurs, generally they are people who disorganize the structure of the company because a great idea comes to mind that they want to implement, an idea that must be supported to be approved project, as they depend on the board of directors, owners, partners, etc. But the fact of taking the company out of its comfort zone and betting on supporting a corporate entrepreneur can be highly profitable, especially if you have a network of people around you who emotionally support those who want to innovate and if you have counselors. business whose emotions do not depend on this novel idea, so as not to lose objectivity and cause economic disruption to the company. The latter are called intrapreneurs .

An entrepreneur requires personalized and gradual training that, generally, is acquired in perfectly systematized and standardized institutions or companies, which not only train but also train the future entrepreneur in rigor; However, there are other people who, lacking that opportunity, create their own and start without any experience.

Who are the best entrepreneurs? They are usually the people who have experienced, from the employee’s side, the crises that a business can suffer, the complaints that can come from customers and the boring training that only fill up time because they do not teach anything from experience but from theory. .

In order to train a company, the knowledge acquired, nor the certifications, are not enough to train a company and see the fruits, it is essential to have in-depth talks, which allow knowing the business from the foundations. It is essential to create empathy and a bond so that the seed that has been planted can germinate over time.

An entrepreneur is thrown. You take risks and decide that the little or a lot of capital you have is what will give you the necessary impetus to get ahead. Sometimes, even without capital, he asks for loans in order to carry out his project.

The word entrepreneur is currently in fashion, but being one is not easy, since it requires discipline. Yes, whoever starts a business, a company, a profession, must arrive on time for their appointments, have a precise agenda, send quotes on the day they said to do so and if they have any setback they must also have the pending to inform it and set a new date so as not look like an informal person.

He is always in search of learning from his business, he does not settle, he lives hungry and that hunger is what allows him to perfect what he does because he is behind excellence.

He is a person who has to masterfully manage his fears, since he is never sure if the path he is working on will be fertile or arid. He is someone whose temperament has to be made of steel to withstand the onslaught of competition and sometimes, plagiarists, knowing that his quality must remain intact so that his name has weight in the industry where it is developed.

Today I leave you 4 phrases that will make your energy as an entrepreneur drive you to achieve new methods:

“Anything that can do or dream, begin it. Audacity contains in itself genius, power and magic ”.

This phrase said by Goethe, holds a lot of meaning for me; Being bold is not easy, but it is a quality that leads you to achieve your dreams. If you discover the audacity in you, do not turn it off, just fire it with all the oxygen that you are able to provide.

“Everything is negotiable. Become aware of it and dare. You already have the “no”, find out if it is possible to change it. “

This phrase, whose author is anonymous, has a great lesson, the “no” is sure, but if you dare to go after the “yes”, surely you will achieve much more than if you had stayed still.

“Sleep is not what you see during sleep (when you sleep), sleep is what keeps you from sleeping.”

Abdul Kalam masterfully defines what a person can express as a dream, goal, objective, wish or purpose. Sleep is what does not allow you to rest until you get it.

“If you want to be a great businessman tomorrow, you must start acting as if you were one today.”

Thomas J. Watson, a man who was born humble, came to direct IBM, until it became a multinational, that, after a series of failures that left him experience. As we can see, it is about you believing it before anyone else, that you trust your ability, that you exploit your talents, that you develop your capabilities, that you have perseverance when preparing.

An entrepreneur is bold, fights for “yes”, has dreams of his own and acts like an entrepreneur. It is a difficult task, which requires not only talent, but skill, knowing how to relate, having wit and above all, a lot of positive attitude. If you have a business and you are going through a difficult time, I invite you to write to me, the path is much easier when someone has previously traveled it before you.

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