What are the ‘PANK aunts’? The truth behind these strong shoppers

PANK aunts are not mothers, but they are a major buying force.

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3, 2021

2 min read

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This story originally appeared on Nupcias

By Fernanda Orendain

Today not all women dream of being moms . Many want to travel the world and dedicate themselves fully to their business. That is why the term ” spinsters” has been left behind and the Pank aunts have come to replace them. We tell you who they are and their main characteristics.

Image: Depositphotos.com

Aunts PANK?

Yes, this is how marketer Melanie Notkin named them in 2008, to refer to all women who do not wish to have children. With the English syllables “PANK” (Professional Aunt No Kids) refers to a professional aunt without children.


PANK aunts are not mothers, but they are unconditional with their nephews. They spoil them, take them for a walk, surprise them, among many other things. In other words, you could say that they are the coolest girls.

Image: Depositphotos.com

Some of the main characteristics of these favorite aunts are that they have a fashionable and very attractive style . They like to travel, have a job or a business of their own, and focus on spending their money on their well-being. Some have a partner, some don’t, but they are focused on living their life to the fullest.

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