Why Brit Morin, Jason Wu, and Other Successful Entrepreneurs Prioritize Taking Breaks from Work

The best way to improve your work is sometimes…to get away from work. Six entrepreneurs share their go-to escape.

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January 26, 2021 3 min read

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“This is a new but critical habit: I go to Central Park for a 30-­minute walk every day. I put it in my calendar, and our executive assistant knows not to schedule over it. While I’m on the walk, I try not to focus on the immediate small things I need to get done. I’m outdoors, looking at the sky—it’s the time to think big, not small.” — Susan Lyne, cofounder and general partner, BBG Ventures

“Every Friday, I allow myself two hours to hone in on a creative project that is not work-related. I could paint, bake, learn ceramics, anything. As a mom of two young kids, a CEO, and an investor, I rarely get time to myself. So this is when I can zone out and do some solo learning and play.” — Brit Morin, founding partner, Offline Ventures

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“The best piece of advice I ever got was: Never apologize for reading, even if it’s in the middle of the day. Most of what we read is carefully curated to reinforce what we already believe, which means the imperative is even greater to find something that will challenge us.” — Bruce Feiler, best-selling author, most recently of Life Is in the Transitions

“I used to travel two to three times a month, and that fueled my creativity. But in 2020, of course, I wasn’t going anywhere. So I decided to cook — one new dish every day. I’ve made more than 200 now, and it’s become a new inspiration, a new way to learn about cultures. And it’s so visual. Ideas for my collections are coming like water. It has fundamentally changed the way I think.” — Jason Wu, founder and designer, Jason Wu

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“Training jiu-jitsu three to four times a week strengthens me mentally and physically. It exercises my problem-solving skills, which was helpful off the mat as I launched a brand in the middle of the pandemic. Jiu-jitsu gives me the balance I need.” — Brian Woo, founder,  Woo Skin Essentials

“For me to be productive, I have to feel healthy, both mentally and physically. So each day, I set aside time to do things as simple as watching my favorite TV show, The Walking Dead, which I know doesn’t sound productive, but it keeps me feeling healthy mentally.” — Veronica Garza, cofounder and president, Siete Foods

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